Anna-Lee Robertson

Anna-Lee Robertson is a compelling theatrical lyric soprano who unites her rich, velvety vocals with wit, warmth and honesty to draw her audience into a beguiling universe of her creation.

Robertson hails from a long line of accomplished storytellers, with an enviable ability to render both the ordinary and extraordinary moments of life through comic narrative, poignant reflection, and song.

Growing up in the idyllic seaside village of Port Fairy, Victoria, Robertson’s musical ability was recognised and nurtured from a young age. The supportive and creative regional community, including the founders of the Port Fairy Spring Music Festival - Michael Easton, and Len Vorster - provided encouragement and opportunity for Robertson to develop her craft. Before long, Robertson became a fixture of the Festival’s annual programme with her one-woman shows.

Robertson’s classical training with the University of Melbourne’s Conservatorium of Music cultivated her command of classical and contemporary repertoire. She quickly distinguished herself within this exclusive environment with her natural vocal talent, exceptional performing instincts and impatience for the adventures offered onstage.

Now with over two decades of experience in musical theatre across Australia, London’s West End and Scotland, Robertson’s credits span film, festivals, theatres, ships and concert halls – almost every stage imaginable on land and at sea.

Returning to the medium she loves most, in After Birth - The Cabaret, Robertson beguiles the audience with her warmth and charm, weaving hilarious tales of home, family and community through a perfectly curated and gloriously realized collection of timeless songs that pay testament to all manner of love affairs.

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