Membership Badge

We know we have some passionate and dedicated Members so if you want to proudly display your Membership, you can now do so with a Membership Badge.

Badge Usage Guide

Use this badge with or without additional wording on any marketing or promotional material, including your website.

This badge is sized for best use on websites or small print. If you require a larger size email: [email protected]

Each year during the renewal period, we update the membership year on the badge. When you update your membership, check in for the new badge.

Promoting Membership

When you are displaying your RAV Membership (with or without the badge), please use the following wording:

  • I am a proud member of Regional Arts Victoria
  • We are proud members of Regional Arts Victoria
  • A member of Regional Arts Victoria

When you are displaying your Membership with RAV, please follow these rules:

  • Do not use the terms: Supported by Regional Arts Victoria; or Partnered with Regional Arts Victoria.
  • Avoid placing our logo on Supporter or Partner lists on your marketing material or websites, unless you are a grant or program recipient, whereby you should follow those program guidelines for logo use.