Successful Applicants

Successful Applicants

LanceTV Inc
City of Ballarat
Festival of Australian Queer Theatre
This project will offer a short-term contract to an Artistic Director to curate the Festival of Australian Queer Theatre and casual Production staff to ensure the smooth delivery of this festival across three proposed venues. Additionally, a Project Manager will also be offered a short-term contract to ensure that this project meets its deliverables, including the collation and submission of the acquittals for this project, in a timely and thorough manner.

(it’s no) drama LTD  
South Gippsland Shire
MELT: the creation of a new physical theatre work for artists with disabilities and regional arts workers
MELT is the collaboration between (it’s no) drama and a locally sourced team of professional designers and artists. The work will build on the success of the company’s 2023 productions, ‘Wild Woods’ and ‘No Sudden Moves’, and supports disabled artists to continue developing high quality artistic practices. This goal will be achieved via professional collaboration and the co-authoring of a new contemporary work.

Goranwarrabul Aboriginal Community House
Mitchell Shire
Goranwarrabul House visual arts workshops
The partnership of Goranwarrabul House, Seymour and District Art Society (as auspice) and Our Place Seymour (as project administrators) will address an identified need for professional development workshops in the visual arts for First Nations artists in Seymour. Participants will work with experienced artist facilitators with an exhibition in April 2025. First Nations people will be employed in the roles of Coordinator and Studio Trainee Assistant for the duration of the project. The project will explore job opportunities and the development of a more formal group of First Nations artists in the region. It will expose participants to similar successful groups such as Pitcha Makin Fellas in Ballarat and Kaiela Arts in Shepparton.

Izzy Roberts-Orr
Moorabool Shire
Izzy Roberts-Orr will install a fleet of Phone-a-Poems programmed with contemporary Australian poetry in local libraries and bookstores across regional Victoria, developed through local workshops in person and online. Participants can pick up the landline handset and dial a number to hear a poem. Harnessing the magic of the Wonderfoon (made in Nederlands), this artwork riffs on John Giorno’s iconic 1969 artwork, ‘Dial-a-Poem’, and will feature work by local poets developed through a series of 5 free capacity-building workshops. The handset contains a pre-programmed .mp3 player, and can be installed on site for participants to engage with throughout the installation period. Additionally, the work can be accessed online by dialling 1800-POETRY to hear the options from home. The phones will be installed to celebrate key poetry moments including Poetry Month in August, Hide and Seek Festival in November and World Poetry Day in March.

Cat Leahy
Indigo Shire
This Way North ‘Beats and Bowls’ Tour
This Way North will undertake a tour of Victorian Lawn Bowls clubs in their ‘Beats and Bowls’ tour. Alongside award winning artists Tuckshop Ladies and Sal Kimber, this event will take place over 6 events, 5 of these being in regional Victorian towns. Each event will involve many facets of each community with the Bowls clubs running a Barefoot Bowling afternoon, local makers having stalls to sell their handcrafted work, local food vendors and live music with local young artists as opening acts. Local youth council groups will engage young people to work with the production crew and event crew to gain valuable experience in putting on creative events.

Castlemaine Circus Inc
Mount Alexander Shire
Playing on the Edge
Castlemaine Circus and Asking for Trouble will come together to share a youth led creative process with the Castlemaine Circus youth ensemble, trainers, and professional artists utilizing the collaborative expertise of Asking for Trouble. The five-month project will culminate in an innovative site-specific physical theatre performance entitled “Playing on the Edge”.

Mansfield & District Potters
Mansfield Shire
Mansfield Community Pottery Studio – jump start to set up
The Mansfield Community Pottery Studio project will address the need for specific equipment to realise the vision of a community pottery studio for our community. A new arts initiative in Mansfield, the Studio needs to have a ‘de-airing pugmill’ and a ‘clay extruder’ so that people with limited strength in their hands can work with clay that has been ‘conditioned’ without the need to wedge or roll it.

Yalinguth Shepparton
City of Greater Shepparton
Yalinguth Shepparton
Yalinguth is a multi-award-winning app that shares First Peoples stories, songs, poems and soundscapes about historical places through an immersive geolocated audio app. It is a resource for learning about history, culture and politics. It engages with local storytellers in a way that’s raw, honest, emotional and truthful. With the app downloaded, head to a Yalinguth location with headphones on and walk through a 3D sound world taking you on a journey through time.

February 2024

Minaal Lawn
City of Ballarat
Verdant is an exhibition of collaborative works presented by contemporary artists Minaal Lawn and Sarah Parkes. 

Anindita Banerjee
You Yang Tat Sat & Mining Memory
YouYang Tat Sat, a solo of new works by Anindita Banerjee, is an assemblage of sensations and emotions that have resulted from an unsolicited recall of involuntary memory and its mysterious muddled up reality.

Arts Mansfield
Sheding Light On Archy
Arts Mansfeld will host The Bald Archy Prize for the first time, and will be the only host in Victoria to exhibit the 40 piece 2024 Prize. RAF funds will support the conversion of a space into a gallery, hosting a fundraising dinner, and promoting the event.

Fionna Allan
City of Greater Bendigo
Festival of Small Halls: Baringhup
Festival of Small Halls is a series of tours that takes International and Australian folk and contemporary acoustic artists and sends them on the road to tiny halls in regional communities all over Australia.

The River Folk Festival
City of Casey
The River Folk Sessions: April
The River Folk Festival presents a true international music feast, from Argentina to Canada via Bulgaria, India, Sweden and all the inbetweens, in an exotic night of live music hosted in Warburton, showcasing some of the finest folk performers from Australia and overseas – featuring a phenomenal double bill to send you on a true global journey: Shark & Fox (Australia/Canada) and The Guanaco Trio (Argentina).

Community Recovery Committee Bunyip Complex Fires Association Incorporated
La Trobe
A Singing Thing – The Sofa of Fools
This singing workshop, community dinner, and a live performance by ‘The Sofa of Fools’ provide an opportunity for choirmaster and musician Stephen Taberner to reconnect with the communities affected by the Bunyip Complex bushfires at a time very close to their 5th fire anniversary in 2024. In 2021, Taberner was in the community to facilitate workshops for all ages.

Maggie Ellis
Forming a Rivers Edge
Presented as part of the Shepparton Festival, ‘Forming a Rivers Edge’ offers a creative place-based exploration of Loch Garry Wetlands in Bunbartha – a small community outside Shepparton.

Tracey Johnson
Dreamscape Artists Concept and Professional Development
Tracey Johnson will travel to Mackay QLD to undertake creative development with collaborating artists for a light and lantern project to be presented at the Mackay Festival of Arts.

Lake Bolac Eel Festival
Wedge and Edge: Greenwood carving workshop at the Lake Bolac Eel Festival
The Lake Bolac Eel Festival features a variety of workshops and activities for all ages, interests and capabilities. Workshops gather participants together to learn about culture and the environment through creativity and hands-on activities. Eli Beke of Wedge and Edge will teach the basics of greenwood carving at the Lake Bolac Eel Festival.

March 2024

Find Your Voice Collective Inc
Find Your Voice Collective (south west VIC) & Snuff Puppets | People’s Puppetry Project
Find Your Voice Collective will collaborate with renowned Australian company Snuff Puppets to create a giant puppet/s that can be operated by, and be representative of, the disability community.

Justin Andrews
City of Greater Bendigo
Sphere artist book production and display
As an artist book, each issue of Sphere presents the work of 10 professional artists from a diverse range of backgrounds. Four issues will be produced to present the contributions of 40 artists. Each issue will be an edition of 20 copies, a total of 80 artist books will be made. As an online image archive, it presents the same contributions by issue number and via an alphabetical index.

Michelle Scott Tucker
Participate in State Library NSW’s 2024 Visiting Scholar Program
A biography of Louisa Lawson (1848-1920). Forthcoming publication by Text: 2027.Born and married into rural poverty, Lawson separated from her husband, moved to Sydney with their children and became a key player in ensuring (white) women could vote and stand for parliament. She also advocated for women’s rights; employed only women in her printing workshop; and established ‘Dawn’, Australia’s first – and commercially successful – journal for women. Yet today she is best known, if at all, for being Henry Lawson’s mother.

Alex Kelly
City of Greater Bendigo
The Arctic Circle residency
This unique expeditionary residency program brings together climate scientists and artists who will live and work aboard an Arctic-class expedition ship while exploring the waters of the international territory of Svalbard for two and a half weeks.

Claudia Bolam
Orsolina28 and One Body, One Career

Michelle Scott Tucker
Participate in State Library NSW’s 2024 Visiting Scholar Program
Orsolina 28’s Intensive program running is dedicated to the study and practice of Ballet BC Artistic Director Medhi Walerski. This weeklong program focuses on repertoire as the creative process of Medhi’s choreography, combined with contemporary and ballet classes, gravity warm up, cool down and creation lab. Renowned teaching artists Rupert Tookey, Sarah Pippin and Rae Srivastava accompany the intensive week, sharing their dance practises and teaching styles.

Live at the Bundy
Live at the Bundy Presents “Ready, Set, Rock with Raging Hormones”
A youth development workshop and public performance led by renowned rock band Raging Hormones (RH) and facilitated by Live at the Bundy (LATB). Targeting Trafalgar’s young musicians and community music-lovers, the project aims to foster creative participation and employment pathways within the arts.

Lily Tait
Support for travel to perform 90 minute solo work
Travel to Boorloo Perth to perform at WA Museum Boola Bardip as part of their Sun Returns series, a 90 minute music and sound performance. The work will be a solo violin, voice and electronics piece weaving together threads of acoustic ecology, text, harmonic drone and found sound collage.

Aaliyah Roadknight
Supporting songwriter Sage Roadknight with post-production and release of single WAKE UP
Drum tracking and postproduction at Lighthill Sound Recording. Promotional assets and publicity for the single release of WAKE UP.

Jayne Tuttle
‘Paradise’ manuscript completion
A week’s residency at Varuna Writer’s House to complete the manuscript for ‘Paradise’, the third book in the trilogy of memoirs.

Daniella (Del) Ly
Creator Week Conference Delegate – Singapore
Funding for Del Ly to attend CreatorWeek, a festival spearheaded by award-winning producer Branded. CreatorWeek 2024 brings musicians, creators and artists face-to-face with fans, brands and executives from the global entertainment industry in Singapore.

Holly Brunnbauer
Queensland Writers Centre’s Adaptable Program: Turning the Page to Screen
As part of the program, Holly will have the chance to pitch her shortlisted manuscript to producers for screen adaptation consideration. This will take place during an industry Market Event featuring professional development and networking opportunities with both screen professionals and authors.

Shepparton Arts Festival Inc.
If we can’t see it, we can’t be it
This program including all First Nation’s artists curated by Yorta Yorta Hip Hop and spoken word artist BRICKY B (Brady Jones) will be presented by the Shepparton Festival in April 2024. 

April 2024

(it’s no) drama Ltd
Street Urchins
‘Street Urchins’ is the development and presentation of an interactive street theatre performance by inclusive theatre ensemble (it’s no) drama. The work involves the research and interpretation of macro-invertebrates living in the local waterways of Wilsons Promontory. ‘Street Urchins’ will feature original costume design and an atmospheric soundtrack for a roaming performance in the Fish Creek town centre and Memorial Hall as part of the bi-annual Tea Cosy Festival, May 2024.

Kate Hancock
Regional playwright Megan Twycross | Professional development with dramaturg Susie Dee
This application seeks urgent funding for playwright Megan Twycross (Warrnambool) to collaborate with a high calibre artistic team to development her new play STUCK.

Izzy Roberts-Orr
Raw Salt – Poetry Book Tour
Book tour to promote debut poetry collection, ‘Raw Salt’ published by Vagabond Press in February 2024. Specifically, to accept the opportunities that have arisen at short notice to feature as an artist at the NT Writers’ Festival in Darwin.

May 2024

Ned Middleton
City of Greater Bendigo
Connecting with community through creativity
Ned has been invited to present his experiences as a regional artist living with disability at this year’s World Down Syndrome Congress (WDSC) held in Brisbane.

Nicholas Carver
Arockalypse Now Festival
Arockalypse Now was founded in 2022 by Gippsland musician Nick Carver. Partnering with the Westernport Hotel in San Remo, Nick is able to stage and promote a viable format for local bands to showcase their original music, alongside established acts from Naarm/Melbourne. Arockalypse Now will continue to grow the festival in the region with the aim to boost the profile of the area so that it may be on par with other regional areas of the state known for live music.

Horsham Agricultural Society Inc
Smoke on the Water began last year as a boutique food and wine event and has developed professionally to engage local music artists to perform both acoustically around a campfire themed event and on stage in a pavilion where wineries and food trucks will be housed for this winter event. 

Luci Callipari-Marcuzzo
Threads and traces: collaborative creative conversations professional development
Callipari-Marcuzzo will present her paper, ‘Threads and traces: collaborative creative conversations’, on the collective collaborative aspects of her diverse arts practice. She will also perform her live in-person participatory collaborative performance, workshop and dialogue, ‘Tracing threads of the past: Collective Crochet’ which will encourage participation from conference delegates, attendees, ANU staff, students and the general public.

Stawell Athletic Club
Stawell Gift Hall of Fame mural
The project entails the installation of a public art mural aimed at enriching the cultural landscape of Stawell while providing educational benefits, particularly for visiting school students from Stawell West and 502. The mural, measuring 30 meters by 3 meters, will be prominently displayed on the Hall of Fame wall overlooking Central Park oval. It will depict the illustrious history of the Stawell Gift, a renowned athletic event deeply ingrained in the local heritage.

Isabella Giovinazzo
Ocean Grove
‘FINN’ Short Film
Based on the true events of Producer Isabelle Pearl Love-Dack (Discovery Channel’s ‘Aussie Gold-Hunters’) losing her first child – this short film aims to unify autistic and non-autistic audiences, by exploring themes of friendship, grief, trauma, PTSD, parenthood and self-authenticity. Set across mountain ranges and coastal regions of Wadawarrung country, ‘Finn’ will offer authentic portrayal of un-represented autistic women, autistic non-binary people, and autistic people of colour. Writer, Director and Actor Isabella Giovinazzo (Seven’s ‘Home and Away’, SBS’s ‘Swim’) will collaborate with other regional screen professionals, in mentoring next-generation regional filmmakers, on production of this film.

Fairfax Youth Initiative
Swan Hill
MARRUK REIGNITED is First Nations youth and culture in full flight. We plan to reignite Marruk, a First Nations-led youth theatre initiative born in the Mallee in 2009. The project was awarded first place in the 2014 Indigenous Governance Awards but was eventually retired when the initial founding youth members moved on. Bayden Clayton, an original participant and now a highly regarded community youth leader, wants to reignite a new generation of Marruk. This funding would allow us to engage multiple professional First Nations artists to work with Bayden and maximise the cultural and creative connection through the Fairfax Festival.

Ballarat International Foto Biennale
Ballarat Central
Celebrating ‘The Real Thing’
Jeff Moorfoot OAM, founding father of the Ballarat International Foto Biennale, returns to curate ‘The Real Thing’ – a milestone exhibition for the Biennale’s tenth anniversary. First held in 2005 as a regional exhibition, the Biennale has become Australia’s most engaging and immersive photographic arts event held every two years on Wadawurrung and Dja Dja Wurrung Country. To celebrate the tenth anniversary, ‘The Real Thing’ invites fifteen respected photographers from regional Victoria to participate for the first time, in an inaugural Core Program event that aims to encourage inclusion, professional development and engagement with new audiences.

Mark Lang
Point Lonsdale
Mark Lang Out To Sea Filmed Podcast Series
‘Out to Sea’ is a filmed podcast series created by singer/songwriter and filmmaker Mark Lang (Skipping Girl Vinegar). The series will explore creative practice, place, songwriting, storytelling, touring and the business of making a sustainable lifelong career in the arts. Set in the Victorian coastal villages of Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale that Mark calls home. The series will feature some of Australia’s finest songwriters discussing the ups and downs of making a lifelong career in the arts. Woven throughout each episode will be the incredible landscape, historical buildings and the everyday life and stories of a small Australian coastal village.

Tegan Nash Ollett
Premiere of Access Memory at Gasworks Arts Park
Access Memory is a new dance performance installation by Tegan Nash Ollett in collaboration with sound artist Isadore. Through the manipulation of sculptural forms, it explores the navigation of precariousness in search of stability, reflecting on personal histories and evoking universal experiences. Access Memory will Premiere at Gasworks Arts Park from the 30 May – 1 June 2024 as part of their supported premiere program which provides artists discounted presentation fees, in-kind rehearsal space, marketing, promotion, ticketing and technical staff.

Beechworth Biennale Incorporated
The Beechworth Biennale
The Beechworth Biennale is a unique community driven regional art event. Set within the heritage town of Beechworth in Northeast Victoria, artists from across Australia are invited to exhibit contemporary artwork for this special 5-day art event in March 2024. All the artworks will be site specific and temporarily installed at 15 unique exhibition sites around the town, outside of the traditional gallery walls. The artworks will all be created in response to each specific site, thereby reflecting on the history of place and suggesting opportunities for our futures.

Ivan Sun
Story of Loong
Loong, the Golden Dragon Museum’s prized exhibit and the world’s oldest intact imperial processional dragon, will come to life through a short documentary film featuring live action footage in the museum (including that of filmed narrator), multimedia assets from the historical archives, and original 3d animations re-enacting a historically significant dragon procession event.

Aunty Glennys Briggs, Aunty Glenda Nicholls, Treahna Hamm
Chesney Vale
Grounded – Tribal affiliations and bloodlines
Three experienced First Nations artists – Aunty Glennys Briggs, Glenda Nicholls and Treahna Hamm – connected through family bloodlines, will collaborate through a three-week residency at Winton Wetlands in Northeast Victoria. Responding to a photograph from the 1800’s depicting their ancestors, the artists will create a new body of work that intertwines their cultural and creative practices. This new body of work will be exhibited at the Murray Art Museum Albury in 2024.

Glenn Todd
The magical giant flower awakens. Prepare to ride on the adventure of wonder and joy as we present an art installation like no other! This project supports the development of Bloom, a kinetic bio-mechanical flower sculpture that utilises cutting edge materials and lighting effects to produce an interactive spectacle.

February 2023

Elle Graham
Woodes performs at SXSW in Austin USA
Support the travel of Woodes performance at SXSW, the largest music conference for emerging artists and rising talent.

Emilie Bloom
Set Design and Construct phase of ‘Fritz’
Funding to resource a two-week collaboration with regional natural materials maker Perri Campbell to design and construct the set.

Tegan Nash Ollett
Access Memory – Preview at Shepparton Festival 2023
Suuported a preview presentation of Access Memory at Shepparton Festival 2023 – a new multidisciplinary dance performance installation by regional artist Tegan Nash Ollett in collaboration with sound artist Isadoré.

Susie Losch
Upper Gundowring
Reciprocal micro residency for North-East Victorian based artist at Northsite Contemporary Arts, Cairns, QLD
Supported a reciprocal mini residency at Northsite Contemporary Arts, Cairns.

March 2023

Craig Dent
Supporting the creation of THREE WORLDS COLLIDE, an interactive Sci Fi immersion in which a graphic novelist recalls the adolescent car crash which killed his family in the remote Mitta Mitta Valley in Northeast Victoria.

Arts Mansfield
#PhotoFocus23 – Creativity by Seeing Things Differently
Supporting a creative photography workshop by highly respected Yarra Valley photographer and workshop professional Matt Krumins.

Ebony Rattle
Supporting the international touring party of sell-out Australian play Winona to tour overseas and perform at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Simone Dalton
Photographic exhibition for Mindful Mobile Photography graduates
To fund printing for seven students who completed an 8-week Mindful Mobile Photography class from February to April 2023 through the Horsham Neighbourhood House.

April 2023

Eliza-Jane Gilchrist
Campbells Creek
‘Uncommon’ exhibition at Craft ACT
Supporting a significant professional and skills development opportunity for Eliza-Jane Gilchrist. It will pay for professional photographs of new work, travel, transportation of work and accommodation for the artist to deliver a solo sculpture exhibition, Uncommon, at Craft ACT, Canberra.

Rae Howell
String Orchestra Conducting Professional Development
Supported a professional skills development opportunity to attend and conduct a high profile performance of my large-scale multi-artform composition work, Bee-Sharp Honeybee, at Mezaparks Kokaru Hall, Riga, in Latvia.

May 2023

Metanoia T Inc
Woodend North
Interviews for creative development of Mermaid’s Table
Director Görkem Acaroğlu will undertake a series of interviews as research towards a new immersive and site-responsive performance work about the invisible labour of women in the arts.

Colac Makers’ Space
Winter Dreaming with WildHoney
Support interactive performance and strategic planning to launch the new annex of the Colac Makers’ Space at the Colac Showgrounds.

Jodie Goldring
Weaving Birds in Alice Springs
Jodie Goldring will facilitate a series of bird weaving workshops to celebrate the Beanie Festival at Central Craft in Alice Springs late June 2023.

June 2023

Chelle Destefano
North Wonthaggi
Deaf Sound Visualisation – professional development
Supported accommodation for Solo Deaf dance performance with sculptural elements in Melbourne at Temperance Hall.

Karenne Rees
St Leonards
Effacement Exhibition an ISOyoh collaboration
Supporting an exhibition in the Art Gallery of Ballarat (AGB).

Art House Gippsland
Inward Goods Festival – Marketing Campaign
Supported the marketing of a community music and art festival called Inward Goods Festival in Briagolong.

Amelia Kingston
Big Design Market
Supported travel and participation to the Big Design Market, Sydney.

Jasper Foley
Mount Pleasant
Multidisciplinary Research, Professional Artistic and Cultural Development in Georgia, Eastern Europe
Supported ten days of training in Georgian Polyphonic singing in Tbilisi, Georgia, with local traditional artists and teachers and travel to artists’ residency Aqtushetii in Tusheti, Georgia.

Lucinda Horrocks
Ballarat Central
Land Bridge
Digital Story Writer Mentoring
Supporting a professional skills development mentorship for writer and web documentary story producer Lucinda Horrocks.

July 2023

Nigel Wearne
AmericanaFest 2023 Industry Showcase
To support Nigel Wearne to perform an Official Showcase at AmericanaFest in Nashville, USA in September 2023.

Anthony Lyons
Ionion Centre: creative residency and new work
Supported an artistic residency at the Ionion Centre for the Arts and Culture, including the creation of new music work responding to the Zervati Cave, Kefalonia Greece.

Rebecca Russell
Delegate to TNA’s 2023 Australian Performing Arts Forum
Supported attendance to TNA’s 7th Australian Performing Arts Forum (APAF) from 13-15 September 2023 in Brisbane.

Alexander Colman
Rural Victoria/Rural Alentejo
Supported Xan Colman’s travel to Portugal in September 2023 to present Dining Room Tales as the opening community engagement of a new rurally-based creative practice centre in Alentejo and investigate future collaborations between that centre and A is for Atlas’s rural practice base in Victoria’s western district.

August 2023

Josephine Mead
Research in Greece for poetic novel: ‘I See Sea / I Her Hear’
Support travel to Greece for Josephine Mead to research her poetic novel titled ‘I Sea See / I Her Hear’. It will examine queer identity, marriage, love, spousal miscommunication & respectful queer relationships.

Indigo FM
Live Music Event to launch Indigo FM’s Annual Radiothon Month
Supporting Indigo FM to launch their Radiothon month with a live music event featuring both established and emerging music artists.

Paul Fletcher
Presenting Short Film, “EL ACUARIO DE PATRONES VIVOS”  at Punto Y Raya Festival
Paul Fletcher will attend and present at the four day Festival “PuntoYraya”, the only festival entirely devoted to Abstract Animation as a Fine Art practice.

The Hive Collective
Ocean Grove
Wetlands: Conserving Nature through Art
Supporting the creation of a docufilm telling the story of our rapidly changing wetlands through the eyes of regional artists.

September 2023

Sarah Lockwood
Sydney SXSW: Empowering Innovation and Networks through Interactive Audio
Sarah Lockwood will travel to participate in the Sydney edition of SXSW. Over four days, Sarah will establish industry presence for her small regional company, Threshold, explore collaborations, and stay updated on emerging trends within the interactive audio niche.

Abi Thompson
Back strap weaving residency
Supporting a two-month residency at the Hyphen Studio in Wodonga, exploring the weaving practice of Back Strap Weaving.

Andrea Lane
Lake Tyers Beach
Unconformity Festival PD tour and networking
Supporting travel for Andrea Lane to visit, network and explore professional development opportunities at the Unconformity Festival in NW Tasmania for 4 days.

Fiona McDonald
Time Through Touch
Artists Fiona McDonald, Anabelle Stonehouse and Scarlett Edgar explore memory and time with a delicate, feminine and gentle aesthetic. ‘Time Through Touch’ is a collaborative and interactive exhibition held at Feast.

Michael Ormond Robinson
UK Showcase Tour
Supporting an international debut performance at major UK music festival, Shiiine On Weekender. Side show with major influential UK artist, Inspiral Carpets. A Showcase performance at iconic London venue, The Dublin Castle and headlining performance in Brighton.

Benalla Migrants Association Inc
Diwali @ Mural
To support the Benalla Festival 2023 Diwali festival event organized by Benalla Migrants Association in consultation with the community members who celebrate and provide opportunity for them to share and celebrate their cultural event with the local community.

Pernickety Split
Turbulence @ IDFA 2023
VR artists Ben Joseph Andrews and Emma Roberts will attend the International Documentary Festival of Amsterdam (IDFA) to present their new project Turbulence: Jamais Vu, an intimate XR docu-essay exploring Andrews’ vestibular disability.

Wayne Rich
Benalla Original Music Showcase
Original music performed by artists from the Benalla Region held at the Moorngag recreation reserve and community hall in conjunction with the twilight glow display by Benalla Ballooning Association.

October 2023

Apollo Bay Theatre Collective
Apollo Bay
Professional Development and Production
Director, Terence O’Connel will mentor the budding Apollo Bay Theatre Collective, guiding them across every facet of theatrical production and presentation.

Elise Cakebread
Gathering Dust
Elise Cakebread will exhibit a series of new works in a solo exhibition ‘Gathering Dust’ in the Project Space at Linden New Art.

Jennifer (Jenny) Taylor
Learning The Uke – Original Song Video
Community artist and songwriter Jenny Taylor will make a video of people having fun playing together, learning her original song “Learning the Uke”. 

Wonthaggi Theatrical Group Inc.
WTG Direction
Experienced Director and workshop facilitator Miranda Middleton will develop a weekend of workshops for Wonthaggi Theatrical Group.

Tim Jones
Howard Springs
Kill Your Darlings Mentorship Program
To support the Kill Your Darlings mentorship of emerging, queer writer T L Jones who has been selected to be mentored by multi-award-nominated writer Ronnie Scott.

G.R.A.I.N. Inc
The Things We Do For Love
Supported the Things We Do For Love event; an interactive play of light, video, strange contraptions, shadow, and sound uncovers the heartbeats of the Nathalia community.

Fish Creek Carnival
Fish Creek Summer Celebration
Local performer Lily Akers will develop a segment of the Fish Creek Carnival parade with the Leongatha gymnastic club students, upskilling her students and providing them a pathway to a career in circus.

November 2023

Castlemaine State Festival
Participation in and represent Castlemaine State Festival (CSF) at key arts industry events in Tasmania and Adelaide
Support for CSF to broker opportunities for Central Victorian artists and communities, expand CSF’s sector networks and profile, promote region-to-region interstate and international collaboration, and develop CSF’s artistic programs.

Great Alpine Gallery
Swifts Creek
River Life (working title)
Supporting sound and video artists to work together to develop two projects that are a response to the local Tambo River and the surrounding environment.

Melinda Chapman
SWARM Dramaturgy #1
SWARM Dramaturgy #1 is a theatre workshop intensive that will be delivered at Geelong Arts Centre, developing a full-length play that explores AI and transhumanism through the lens of a regular family.‍

Upper Murray Writers
Literary Lunch with a Side of Mystery
Supporting the Walwa Literary Lunch, a seven-hour ticketed event designed to inspire emerging authors, provide networking and professional development opportunities for established writers.

Dr Görkem Acaroğlu
Woodend North
How Artists with Acronyms Made Theatre in the 1990s
Supporting interviews with key POC/CALD theatre makers and including their personal archives, as well as drawing on articles from theatre journals and other materials, Dr Görkem Acaroğlu will write a book about Multicultural Theatre in the 1990s.

Phillip Island Contemporary Exhibition Space Inc. (PICES)
In focus: Contemporary Gippsland artists reflect on their practice.
Support to produce a professional development resource for artists and art industry workers exploring the experiences and insights of contemporary artists in the Gippsland region.

Growing Winchelsea Inc
Winchelsea Mural Project
Support for a local mural artist to showcase her talent in her local community and also to activate, beautify and add interest to one of the town’s gateways.

Kyabram Development Committee
Kyabram Tastes and Tunes Festival
To support the Kyabram Tastes and Tunes Street Festival. This is a community event that is planned, delivered and coordinated by the Kyabram Tastes and Tunes committee, a subcommittee of Kyabram Development Committee.

Emilie Bloom
Hello Red Planet development
To support participation as a theater performer, puppetry artist and costume designer, in the creative development and first presentation of a new theatre show Hello Red Planet from Bunk Puppets.  

Firebrace Designs Pty Ltd
Into The Dreaming
Supporting the production an event in Charlton, incorporating didgeridoo, lighting and fire-pits to be set alight for a mass smoking ceremony.

Christian Bagin
Riddells Creek
Hello Red Planet
This grant will fund my participation as a theater performer, puppetry artist and co-creator in the creative development and first presentation of a new theatre show from Bunk Puppets.‍

(it’s no) Drama LTD 
Production of Wild Wood public performance  

(it’s no) drama will develop a new production, WILD WOODS for public performance in the Leongatha Memorial Hall in June 2023. The funding will cover creative development, artistic collaboration, productions costs and support for disabled artists. 

D&M Art Projects 
Site specific contemporary art and ritual pilgrimage  

(D&M) will develop and present an epic-scale, accessible, site-specific contemporary pilgrimage of both art and ritual. Collaborating with Gunaikurnai elders, community and locals this inaugural immersive art-walk travels from dusk. Fire, sound, light, performance and installations lead participants along the Boolarra rail trail to ‘The Meadows’ where community celebrate around a bonfire with music, ceremony and dance. 

Punctum Inc 
Expanding Fields of Practice 

The Expanding Fields of Practice professional development and mentoring program for regional musicians, composers and curators has been developed by Punctum and Australian Art Orchestra (AAO). This regionally based professional pathway will partner with local industry support for emerging practitioners and be mentored by regional industry professionals. It has been co-designed in close collaboration and consultation with central Victorian emerging and experienced musicians, composers, and creators whose practice, career and current circumstances are informed by growing up and/or living in regional Victoria. 

Kaiela Arts 
KINnected – On-Country Seasonal Cultural Arts Program 

KINnected is an intergenerational, seasonal cultural arts program re-connecting, revitalising, strengthening and healing Aboriginal community living in and around Shepparton, through gathering, sharing knowledge, language and art-making together on Yorta Yorta country. KINnected will reclaim power and embed cultural protocols in creative practice. Being on-country and practicing culture together in a series of seven bush trips led by Elders and senior artists, will be the inspiration to create a new body of work for exhibition at Kaiela Arts in November 2023. 

Pearl Park Music Festival Committee 
Pearl Park Music Festival 2023 

A whole-of-community cultural street festival featuring musicians and artists from South Gippsland. The Festival will showcase stalls of local cuisine, be supported by community organisations and, importantly, host First Nations story-tellers. Situated in the small rural town of Foster in the centre of Prom Country during peak tourist season, the Festival is free and accessible for visitors and the local community. 

Kat Pengelly 

TRUCK will premiere as a headline act for the 2022 Nati Frinj Biennale. TRUCK is a multimedia, cross artform work using story-telling to showcase a tale of unsung heroes and an ode to the industry itself – a rich, working-class, sub-culture that is the backbone of Australian commerce. This work incorporates music, fashion and theatre. 

Know Your Roots (kyr) Incorporated 
Winyarr’s Weaving Circle Project 

The Winyarrs’ (meaning ‘women’s’ in Yorta Yorta) Weaving Circle is a new project initiated by local Yorta Yorta artist Tammy-Lee Atkinson with her artist mother, Suzanne Atkinson, at POD Studio in Mooroopna. Winyarrs’ Weaving Circle revives important Aboriginal cultural creating an intergenerational, culturally safe space for women of all cultural backgrounds to gather, yarn, learn the ancient art of weaving, and build connections with First Nations arts, culture and community. Over 18 months women will create coils, baskets, experimental new designs, decorative pieces and yarning mats.  

Fish Creek Carnival 
Fish Creek 
Fish Creek Summer Carnival 

November 2022

Cassandra Leatham
Cassie Leatham’s First Nations Art Residency at La Trobe Art Institute, Bendigo        
The project celebrates the inaugural iteration of a First Nations residency program at La Trobe Art Institute (LAI) Bendigo, delivered in partnership with the Indigenous not-for-profit organisation Agency, featuring Taungurung/Dja Dja Wurrung artist Cassie Leatham.

Georgia MacGuire
Onemda – With Loving Care
Supporting Georgia MacGuire present Onemda – With Loving Care, their first large solo exhibition at a public art gallery, The Art Gallery of Ballarat.

Christie Nieman
Green Gull
Invited Residency opportunity at Varuna, The Writers House
The author, Christie Nieman, will take up an Invited Residency and mentorship opportunity at Varuna, 

Görkem Acaroğlu
Woodend North 
Residency at Varuna Writers Centre to complete manuscript of The Colour of People 
To support Görkem Acaroğlu undertake a week-long residency at Varuna,

Nigel Wearne
AmericanaFest UK Industry Showcase
To support Nigel Wearne to perform an Official Showcase at AmericanaFest UK as part of UK Americana Music Week in January 2023.

October 2022

Caroline Esbenshade
To support Caroline Esbenshade showing a large series of instant film photographs alongside two paintings in a solo show at Brunswick Street Gallery in January 2023.           

Frank Prem
Ida: Searching For The Jazz Baby
To support Frank Prem present at the Charles Sturt University’s Creative Practice Circle’s Stories from Crevice Communities Symposium in Wagga from 7/8 December 2022.

September 2022

Daina Sgarioto
Nuanced Nonsense
The Regional Art Fund will support the development of Daina Sgarioto’s first solo exhibition in December 2022 with Craft Victoria.

Bonny Cassidy
Watershed Studios Artists Residency, Galway, Ireland        
To support Bonny Cassidy undertake a residency at the Watershed Studios, Galway, Ireland in November and December 2022.

Goulburn Valley Pride Inc.
Transmansplaining theatre performance
“‘Transmansplaining’ is an original one-man stage show based on the experiences of Ben MacEllen.

August 2022

Adam Cullen    
To support Adam John Cullen in an artist residency at Yellow Brick Studio, Nea Ionia, Athens, Greece.  

Sam Burke     
the apology I was never given, and the one I never made
Support for skills development in projection mapping for artist Sam Burke to enable her to develop a large-scale public outcome to be exhibited at the Nati Frinj 2022.

July 2022

Bones and Jones        
Bones and Jones BIGSOUND
To fund travel and accommodation for Bones and Jones upcoming showcase at national music summit BigSound.

Gillian Turner
Clifton Springs   
The Pattern Maker
The Pattern Maker is a cross-arts performance work that explores the work of a young woman employed at a Natimuk garment factory in the 1950s.

Josie Alexandra 
To present the project development as a performance at Hill Scene Live Arts Festival

Dianne Longley
Agave Print Studio: from Trentham to Sydney.
This project is a professional development opportunity, to participate in the 2022 Sydney Contemporary PAPER art fair.

Justin Balmain 
Flora Hill
Artist-in-Residence at Emporium Creative Hub and new work development   
To support Justin Balmain in a 3-month Creative Residency at Emporium Creative Hub in Bendigo with a focus on research and development of a new video project commissioned by Gertrude Contemporary.

June 2022

Samara Cunningham
Fish Creek        
Dance Track – a dance projection project in conjunction with Testing Grounds and Melbourne Fringe Festival   
‘Dance Track’ is the collaboration between regional artists Samara Cunningham and Kate Russel and  will focus on the development of a new video projection for Melbourne Fringe, and feature dance and the landscape along the Great Southern Rail Trail. Following Melbourne Fringe, ‘Dance Track’ will return to Gippsland for presentation in local venues.

Luci Callipari-Marcuzzo
Red Cliffs
Tracing threads and weaving stories: creative dialogues in the Italian diaspora professional development
To support Luci Callipari-Marcuzzo participate in in-person invitations from Italian American Museum of Los Angeles, Stony Brook University and Calandra Italian American Institute to facilitate in-person collaborative performances, lectures and public programs.

Louise Cooper
Are We Invisible?: Am I Invisible? 
Louise Cooper will develop an augmented reality, geolocated, autobiographical, animated art game about her life on the autism spectrum to be part of Melbourne Fringe Festival. The art game will be played across Melbourne CBD developing new audiences for the rural artist.

Laura Dortmans
$2,500.00 Clay,
Wood and Fire: an introduction to woodfired ceramics       
To support ten artists to work together for a week at Laura’s South Gippsland studio. This project is an opportunity to collaborate, share knowledge, learn new methods and techniques, and experiment with taking work in new directions.

May 2022

Gippsland Art Gallery
Fragile Earth: Extinction in Conversation   
In a weekend-long symposium the Gippsland Art Gallery presents Fragile Earth: Extinction in conversation, bringing together artists, advocates, academics and authors.

Rebekah Gibbs
Local Giants Regional Producers Platform
Rebekah Gibbs has been selected to participate in the new capacity building program, The Local Giants Regional Producers Platform. The program is a multi-tiered skills development program led by Performing Lines that takes participants through a practical, industry-led capacity-building program in producing, culminating in an in-person gathering at APAX 2022.

April 2022

Horsham City Brass Band
Big Band Bash with Wilbur WildeIn 2022 the Band celebrates 150 years of service to the community. As a part of the celebration a professional musician has been invited and a Community Concert is being planned. Working with a local Choir from Murtoa, and the young people in the ‘Junior’ Band, the Concert is to be held in the Horsham Town Hall.

The Ginkgo Tree Creative Studio
Mount Pleasant
Hidden Lanes
Funding to support artists in the development of the Hidden Lanes project, a slow travel art and culture self-guided tour in Ballarat as a part of the Ballarat Heritage Festival in May 2022.

Dawn Cooper
Be the Mountain – inspiring and connecting through sound, song and imagination   
Be the Mountain
is a suite of new compositions by Tenzin Choegyal, blending traditional Tibetan sounds with contemporary music styles. The Be the Mountain concert tour includes performance, community workshops and mentoring.

March 2022

Bellarine Landcare Group        
Journey on Wadawurrung Country
To support The Bellarine Landcare Group to exhibit the works from Journey on Wadawurrung Country, presenting important stories and perspectives from Wadawurrung Traditional Owners in an accessible and creative visual and audio installation.

Olivia O’Connor
$1,800.00Learning Printmaking and Web Sales from Bridget Farmer. 
Supporting Olivia O’Connor with mentoring with established, regional artist Bridget Farmer. The artists will explore designing for prints/etchings and setting up a successful online business of art sales.

Ballarat International Foto Biennale
Ballarat Central
Samuel Eder Ukraine Photography Exhibition
Funding to support the solo exhibition of Ballarat-based artist Samuel Eder, who has worked as a photojournalist in the Ukraine war zone for the past three years.

February 2022

Nigel Wearne
Live Showcase Video
To support Nigel Wearne to create a live performance video to showcase at the Folk Alliance International Conference 2022.

Fish Creek Memorial Hall
Fish Creek
To support community workshops and a live community performance in collaboration with the 2022 Fish Creek Tea Cosy Festiva

LanceTV Inc 
Mount Clear 
The establishment of an LGBTIQ+ Community TV online platform 

The project will establish a free access online Queer community TV platform, so remote and regional Victorian LGBTIQ+ communities will share insights, feel connected and have a place of belonging. This project will build capacity LGBTIQ+ people in regional communities, in methods of producing content, editing techniques and video storytelling through a series of free community workshops. This project will also build a website for the specific purpose of broadcasting LGBTIQ+ community created programming. 

Find Your Voice Collective Inc 
True Faces: A Creative Activism Project 

The True Faces of Creative Activism, Accessibility & Advocacy is a series of evocative audio-visual projects that aim to change the way the world is viewed, co-designed from start to finish by regional creatives who identify as d/Deaf and disabled. Steeped in a true model of self-advocacy, this project utilises creativity and storytelling to provoke insight into the lived experience of disability by producing short films that aim to impact society’s understanding and celebration of diversity while promoting each individual’s right to creative success. 

Merita Davies  

Island is an audio theatre work that celebrates the vitality of the Pacific diaspora. Written by Kiribati writer Marita Davies, Island will feature an immersive soundscape that includes traditional Kiribati songs performed by members of the Victorian Kiribati Association as part of a Cultural Day in the Macedon Ranges. Through this innovative digital work, families across regional Victoria will be invited to experience the richness of Pacific culture and join together in a connected and embodied theatrical adventure that takes place in their own homes. 

Creswick Theatre Company  
The Ballad of Pirt Koorook 

This project is a new work stimulated by the play Extinction by Hannie Rayson. The work is being developed in collaboration with the original playwright, and professional First Nations performers and Traditional Owners. This is a new show which will be a First Nations driven perspective of the environmental and ethical themes of the original script. The production will focus on ‘Country’ as the main protagonist. By shifting the lens from a Western one to a First Nations one, completely different ideas about ‘Extinction’ are revealed. 

Judy Oleinikov 

Jan Juc 
Lost in the Groove 

Lost in the Groove is a free community music fiesta in East Gippsland the community. Attendees can participate in the fiesta choir, instrument-making and music-making, concerts, and jam sessions. Featuring Victorian artists, Andy Rigby, and Polly Christie, and their young daughter, Sylvie, alongside renowned East Gippsland musicians, Peter May and John Corby. This event is presented by Quasitrad Music and Crashendo!Bairnsdale

Ms Michelle Dunn 

Picture Change Image Library 

Picture Change Image Library will, in collaboration with diverse members of the community, create a vibrant suite of images that show diversity and challenge stereotypes and gender roles in regional Victoria. 

 Ms Eloise Wood 
Barwon Downs 

ELEVATE will be a new project of hope and connection which aims to engage communities and families across the Colac Otway Shire in large-scale puppetry making, stiltwalking, creative dance and storytelling workshops by WildHoney Performing Arts. 

South West Local Learning and Employment Network 
South West Mini MESS 
South West Mini MESS will bring the Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio’s collection of iconic synthesisers to the Fletcher Jones Factory site for a week-long masterclass in electronic sound in Warrnambool. 

Miss Chelle Destefano 
North Wonthaggi 


Presentation of Deaf Stories exhibition and public programs in regional Victoria 
Chelle Destefano (Deaf, Regional artist) with Deaf Community and hearing collaborator Claire Bridge will launch and present  ‘What I Wish I’d Told You’, a multi-channel projection and immersive installation exhibition which will centre Deaf voices, agency, identity and culture at Arts Space Wodonga. 


Venous Return 
Venous Return will be a performance work devised with an ensemble that includes people with disability, and will extend theatre practice by making use of visual arts installation aesthetics and augmented reality. 

Golden Plains Shire Council 


Living Sculptures Project 
The Living Sculptures Project will involve the creation of a large scale ephemeral sculpture in Golden Plains Shire via an Artist in Residence Program, which will be created from rock installations and plantings. 

Kyneton Contemporary Inc 


Digital Communications and Marketing Mentorship/Skills Development for Kyneton Contemporary Art Triennial 
Kyneton Contemporary Inc. will employ regionally-based Paul Mylecharane from Public Office to provide skill development and mentoring for its volunteer committee in marketing, design and communication for the 2021 Kyneton Contemporary Art Triennial. 

Ms Caz Walsh  
Campbells Creek  

Circus Under the Stars 

Caz Walsh will develop and present ‘Circus Under the Stars’, a contemporary circus project that will tour to the regional communities of Maryborough and Ararat. 

Ms Verity Higgins  
Mount Pleasant  

NatiFRIJ  Ballarat-based artists’ collective, the Pitcha Making Fellas, will run a series of workshops in Natimuk with interested Natimuk community members, decorating 12‑16 old fridges with images of endangered plant species, whic

Ms Elise Cakebread 


$20,000 Texture at Scale – Addressing Scope and Sustainability
This fellowship will address scale, scope and sustainability within Elise Cakebread’s textile based art practice, producing research that will create a framework for future community based projects that will expand her practice and audience.