Mountain Goat Mountain

This internationally acclaimed audio-theatre experience casts students as both the actors and the audience!

By Threshold

Available Online as part of the 2024 Creative Learning Program

Teamwork | Problem Solving | Imagination

This internationally acclaimed audio-theatre experience casts students as both the actors and the audience!

There is a place, a mysterious and magical place called, Mountain Goat Mountain.

It has been said that it is home to a creature, but no one is certain the creature actually exists!

What is known for sure, is that Mountain Goat Mountain is a mountain layered with caves, rainforests, and rivers which are filled with spectacular fireflies, darting geckos and cheeky moray eels, making the adventure to find the creature thrilling and totally unexpected!

Mountain Goat Mountain is an interactive and immersive audio narrative with a richly detailed soundscape that casts you and your students as both the actors and the audience!

Through 5 immersive episodes, that are framed by Drama cross-curricular learning opportunities, students can work together to uncover the secrets of the Mountain and discover the hidden treasures in each other.

As a regionally based company, we at Threshold know that sometimes getting to the theatre can be a little tricky! When we created ‘Mountain Goat Mountain’, we set out to create a theatrical experience that people could experience without the logistical nightmare (and sometimes prohibitive costs) of getting to and from the theatre.

Thoughtfully created by professional theatre makers, art therapists and sound designers, Mountain Goat Mountain uses simple technology to increase access to innovative theatre and bring artists into the classroom.

Ideal for new and experienced junior primary teachers, or for secondary teachers who are looking for a dynamic way to explore children’s theatre. This audio-theatre work is accompanied by a detailed and flexible study guide aligning to the Victorian Curriculum designed to enhance and complement what you are already doing in the classroom, as well as an introduction video to support teachers to feel confident to facilitate the program.

Combining theatrical innovation with educational intent, the combined Mountain Goat Mountain experience is fun and user-friendly.

Developed and presented by highly creative and experienced artists, Mountain Goat Mountain provides teachers and students this access while adventuring to a world of wonder and discovery in their own classroom.

About This Event

Metro: 15/07/2024-20/12/2024
Regional: 15/07/2024-20/12/2024
Presented by:


Art Form:

Children's Theatre

Booking Details: Workshop duration: Each episode runs for 20 minutes. A total of 5 x 20 minute episodes

Minimum Fee: $400 + GST for access to 5 x interactive sessions over one term

Additional Information

Max Students in Class: 30

Suitable for which years: Prep, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 12,

Terms Available: Term 3, Term 4,

Curriculum links: The Arts – Drama, Visual Arts, Humanities – Geography

Capabilities: Personal and Social