Tour Selection Guidelines & Criteria

Regional Arts Victoria Programming Department

Tour Selection Guidelines & Criteria 2018

The Programming department of Regional Arts Victoria has three touring program streams. These are Arts & Education, Connecting Places and Touring Services. Across these three programs, Regional Arts Victoria tours performing arts, live music, theatre, workshops and residency “ based projects. 

Below are the core values that assist the Programming department in tour selection for its Arts & Education & Connecting Places programs. Touring Services works closely with the Victorian Association Performing Arts Centers, through Showcase Victoria, to determine a balance of works to tour regionally.

Why are we publishing these? 

We understand applying for programs takes time away from the important work of developing or performing your projects, so we aim to have clarity around what we aim to support, so you can easily see if you align with these values.

What if my work doesn’t meet these guidelines?

Always feel free to contact the Program Manager of the Arts & Education or Connecting Places programs to discuss your project/work/idea, however, it is likely that if what you’re working on doesn’t align with any of the below guidelines, it may not be a fit for touring with us. We are always happy to discuss your work and suggest other avenues that may be better suited.

How do we use these guidelines?  

Each stream has its own detailed selection criteria specific to the needs of the program. These are the primary selection tool for each program.

However, we are guided by the below values in the case of similar works, companies or ideas. You can read the detailed selection criteria for each program stream further down in this document. 

Tour Selection guidelines

Diversity “ the project may include;
–          Stories told from a variety of perspectives
–          Voices not usually heard

Innovation “ the project may encourage;
–          New touring models
–          New art forms
–          New Australian works

Development “ the project may support;
–          Emerging artists and producers
–          Regional artists and producers
–          Regional audiences

Connection “ the company can demonstrate; 
–          A history of touring to/connecting with regional audiences
–          A passion for touring to regional areas

Program specific selection criteria

Any works toured through the Programming Department at Regional Arts Victoria must meet at least some of the below program specific selection criteria. 

Arts & Education Selection Criteria; 

  • The project is innovative, high-quality and entertaining.

  • The project is appropriate to a school and/or community context.

  • The project stimulates ideas and generates pre and post-performance discussion.

  • The project has a holistic approach to education, including opportunities for deeper engagement “ residencies, workshops, forums etc.

  • The project embodies excellent practice in the presentation of the arts for children and young people.

  • The project is low tech and adaptable to a variety of spaces, consists of a compact touring party, is tour ready and can generally fit inside a single Toyota Hiace van or similar.

  • The company has included strong marketing materials, including video and a framework for teacher resource material

  • The project demonstrates clear links to the Victorian curriculum 

Connecting Places Selection Criteria

  • The project is innovative, high-quality and entertaining

  • The project is relevant to regional communities

  • The company has included strong marketing materials, including video

  • The company’s technical requirements adapt to a variety of performance spaces with limited technical provision from the venue

  • The project is able to bump in and perform on the same day

  • The company is able to demonstrate a self-sufficient touring team that will not require much technical support from presenters

  • The company is able to demonstrate the ability to work with volunteer community leaders who are seeking projects that will connect with and enrich their regional communities.

Consideration should be given to the scale of the project; Connecting Places is unlikely to be able to accommodate large touring parties or projects with complex technical requirements