Teacher Professional Development

Our 2022 Arts & Education program includes several opportunities aimed at complimenting curriculum delivery with further learning and development opportunities for educators.

The following offerings provide teacher professional development opportunities within their program. Interested? Get in touch with our Arts & Education Senior Manager, Pippin Davies.


Teacher PD Online 90-minute workshop – Intro to Commedia dell’Arte

Make A Scene director Rosa Campagnaro will get participants moving and playing in this physical comedy workshop. Born from the marketplace spruiker tradition in 16th century Italy, Commedia dell’Arte is a larger than life theatrical style that still appeals and engages contemporary audiences.

This online session will include video excerpts from Make A Scene’s commedia shows to demonstrate and put the style into context. We encourage participants to ˜bring their silly’ to learn exercises and activities for exploring stock characters, improvisation and comic routines which can be easily adapted to your 2022 classroom.

“Drama Victoria recently hosted a Make A Scene ‘Fun & Practical Introduction to Commedia’. Rosa Campagnaro’s delivery transcended the Zoom platform as did the engagement and participation of all attendees. Informative, fabulous and funny! I certainly recommend Make A Scene.”

Drama Victoria CEO Susan Cooper

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