Sonya Macdonald

The Sago on Tuesdays bookbindery is in Napoleons, Australia. Sonya Macdonald makes hand bound books, and repairs and restores books already loved. She employs traditional tools and techniques that are unmatched in the modern age.

Sonya is dedicated to her rare trade, and to the bookbinding principle – that a well crafted book is a lifetime companion.

Though cheap books are handy, they are also disposable and not at all made to last. E-books are portable, but also transient.  In the end, no-one wants to inherit their grandmother’s Kindle.; a volume bound by hand in paper, linen, leather and ink is made to last a lifetime and beyond.

Why is the bindery called ‘Sago on Tuesdays’?  You can find out on her website.

Sonya can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest by seaching SAGOONTUESDAYS. There are also email and phone contact details on the website.

About Our Member

Member Type: individual
Location: Napoleons
Art Form: Bookbinding

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