Successful Grant Applicants

Successful applicants will be required to enter into a legally binding grant agreement with Regional Arts Victoria. The project activities should not commence until the grant agreement has been signed by the successful applicant, Regional Arts Victoria and funding has been received by you.  

Working with Children and Vulnerable People 

All applicants to the Regional Arts Fund are required to provide all names of personnel who will be working with Children and/or Vulnerable People. 

A Vulnerable Person is defined as, 
an individual aged 18 years and above who is or may be unable to take care of themselves, or is unable to protect themselves against harm or exploitation for any reason, including age, physical or mental illness, trauma or disability, pregnancy, the influence, or past or existing use, of alcohol, drugs or substances or any other reason.  

A child is defined as, 
an individual(s) under the age of 18 years and Children has a similar meaning. 

The RAF Recipient, if working with Vulnerable Persons, will:  

  • provide a list of personnel and copies of their AFP checks and a signed declaration alongside their agreement 

  • provide a list of all Child-related Personnel and verification of their Working with Children Checks  

  • undertake training in the National Child Safety Principles. 

Grant payments 

Payments will be made as set out in the agreement. Payments will be GST inclusive, where applicable. Payments to state, territory and local government agencies do not attract GST.  

Additional information regarding GST can be found on the Australian Tax Office website at  

Final Reports (acquittals) 

Your final report (acquittal report) must be submitted within 40 business days of completion of the grant activity, unless otherwise stated in your grant agreement. You are expected to report on your project’s achievements against agreed objectives including:  

  • progress against agreed key deliverables  

  • outcomes of the project  

  • outcomes of partnerships and collaborations  

  • expenditure of grant funding against agreed budget  

  • evidence of acknowledgement of funding  

  • at least two high quality photos and/or some video of the project.