The Grant Selection Process

Each application is assessed against the eligibility criteria listed in Section 4 of the Guidance Material

Eligible applications are then assessed on their merits against the assessment criteria and against other applications, through an open competitive grant process. An application is assessed on its merits, based on:  

  • how well it meets the criteria  

  • how it compares to other applications  

  • whether it provides value with relevant money.  

When assessing the extent to which the application represents value with relevant money, the panel will have regard to:  

  • the overall objective/s to be achieved in providing the grant  

  • the relative value of the grant sought  

  • the alignment of the geographic location of the application with the identified priorities  

  • the demonstration of the evidence in the application contributing to the outcomes/objectives of the grant opportunity  

  • how the grant activities will target groups or individuals.