Eligible Grant Activities

Eligible expenditure 

Regional Arts Fund grant funds may be used toward the cost of producing the project including but not limited to:  

  • artist fees (artists should be appropriately paid)  

  • travel costs (including international)  

  • materials  

  • venue hire  

  • equipment hire  

  • insurance  

  • project administrative costs  

  • disability access costs  

Purchase of assets up to $5,000 will only be considered where it is demonstrated to be more cost effective than hire.  

The Regional Arts Fund will not fund the following activities:  

  • a project principally benefitting a major city or metropolitan location (MM 1)  

  • funded activity that will commence before funding is approved  

  • components of projects that are also funded by other programs administered by the Australian Government or other state and local government agencies.  

  • projects which do not substantially align with and further the objectives of the Regional Arts Fund.  

  • touring projects from major cities (MM 1), such as tours of performances and exhibitions  

  • curriculum based activities, including for primary, secondary or tertiary courses  

  • competitions, prizes or awards  

  • ongoing activities of collecting institutions. 

 Expenditure items that are not eligible include:  

  • ongoing core administration costs of the applicant organisation  

  • infrastructure costs including building or fitting out permanent structures  


Please refer to Guidance Material for more information.