Information for Successful Fibre Art Fellowship Applicants

Funding Conditions

Image and photo release forms and information

Acknowledgement of support through the Meg Viney-Bell Fibre Art Fellowship.

The Meg Viney-Bell Fibre Art Fellowship must be acknowledged in all advertising and promotion material using the following text:

The Meg Viney-Bell Fibre Art Fellowship is delivered on behalf of Meg Viney-Bell by Regional Arts Victoria with support from the Gippsland Art Gallery.

Where possible, in addition to the text above, logos should be used to acknowledge Meg Viney-Bell, Regional Arts Victoria and Gippsland Art Gallery. The logos below are at the minimum allowable size and should be on all promotion material including brochures, invitations, flyers and all other documentation.

Logo Requirements

An isolation zone has been established to ensure that the dignity of the logo is not jeopardised through crowding. This zone is based upon the distance between the top of the crest and the bottom of the Regional Arts Fund wording. This zone should be seen as a minimum dimension of at least 0.5mm, and it applies to every application of the logo.

In most cases the logo should be reproduced in one colour only – preferably black. However, the logo can be reversed – white on black, or white on a different dark colour – for example charcoal, navy, maroon, dark green etc.

The logo should not appear as a dark colour on a dark background.

Please contact Regional Arts Victoria on (03) 9644 1800 if you have any queries regarding the logo

Acquitting your grant

To acquit your grant, log in to SmartyGrants using the same log in details you used to apply. Click under the “My Submissions” link at the top of the page. Here you will see your submission and the associated forms open and waiting for you to complete.