Sight of Sound Art Exhibition

Sight of Sound is a musical art exhibition by Nick Carpenter. Nick’s art practice revolves around the theme of music. All his artworks are connected to our musical world as he draws the human connection we have with this art form, into a visual context.

Nick is also an instrument maker and uses his woodworking skills to produce his unique style of art.

The exhibition will be held in the historic Music Hall next to the Guildford Hotel. It is a rare, surviving goldfields theatre built in the 1860s, a perfect venue for a music inspired exhibition.

The Preview night is on 9th September form 6pm. All are welcome. The exhibition will be on permanent display on Saturdays from noon, with free entry from 23rd September.

Please do come down and have a look!

About This Event

When & Where

Guildford Family Hotel: 09/09/2023

Presented by:

Nick Carpenter

Art Form:

Visual Arts

Booking Details: Free event

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