Lyrebird Presents at Meeniyan – Jen Cloher – Solo

An intimate evening with Jen Cloher solo, live at Meeniyan Town Hall.

Jen Cloher’s taut, terse brand of rock is charged with the static tension that comes with being an eternal misfit; they have spoken truth to power with the shrewd eye that only an outsider can possess.

Cloher’s solo shows are an opportunity to hear the softer side of their repertoire, a deep dive into the stories behind the new album and even a poem or two. ‘I Am The River, The River Is Me’, their fifth album, is verdant and rich; it luxuriates in stillness, and carries itself with cool, unfussy confidence. It suggests that home is not found in a place or a politic, but in the community you keep.

Inspired by Cloher’s powerful matrilineal line of wāhine Māori, I Am The River, The River Is Me is not urgent, or hurried, but it is vital. The joy of life, Cloher seems to say, is in forgiving your moments of weakness with grace, and embracing the parts of you that are unfinished.

Meeniyan Town Hall
Saturday 20th July 2024

Doors 7pm, Show 8pm

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Meeniyan Town Hall: 20/07/2024

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Lyrebird Arts Council

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Booking Details: Tickets $45.00 plus booking fee

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