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Two brothers from the faraway planet JUNKLANDIA embark on a mission to Earth to teach the earthlings the Junklandian ways of music and creative recycling! This show is a spectacle of rhythm, dance, circus and comedy guaranteed to blow your mind!

‘JUNKLANDIA’ excites the imagination of children and adults alike. Kitchen utensils, cardboard boxes and buckets become the greatest drum set in the world; plastic bags are an amazing musical instrument and the human body becomes a unique sound machine. With a language of gibberish and rhythm, this show is accessible to any age and nationality.

The show ends with an incredible ‘junk orchestra’ where each audience member, equipped with a recycled instrument, will come together to create a one-of-a-kind Junkyard Band! By uniting in rhythm, music and movement, the audience can experience the tangible power of collaboration & teamwork whilst having fun!

Join the dynamic adventure of two musical misfits as they repurpose the junk that the world has forgotten. Learn about sustainability through this high energy and imaginative performance.

You won’t look at recycled materials the same way after watching this show!

About This Event

When & Where

Hamilton Performing Arts Centre: 31/05/2023
Kyneton Town Hall: 01/06/2023
Colac Otway Performing Arts & Cultural Centre: 05/06/2023
Portland Arts Centre: 07/06/2023
Portland Arts Centre: 08/06/2023
West Gippsland Arts Centre: 29/06/2023
Forge Theatre and Arts Hub: 30/06/2023

Presented by:

Junkyard Beats

Art Form:

Children's Theatre

Booking Details: 90 minutes

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