JUNKLANDIA by Junkyard Beats


Collaboration | Music | Creative Recycling

Two brothers from the faraway planet JUNKLANDIA embark on a mission to Earth to teach the earthlings the Junklandian ways of creative recycling and how to be more resourceful with their rubbish! Transitioning into a ‘Junk Orchestra’, each audience member, equipped with a recycled instrument, will then participate in an incredible jam of epic proportions! By uniting in rhythm, music and movement, students can experience the tangible power of unity by coming together in a recycled drum circle. Students will be delighted to be able to participate in the Junklandia experience and will be left with a deeper understanding of rhythm and a newfound perspective on sustainability.

This show and optional workshops are designed to get students involved, engaged and learning about environmental education in a whole new way.

Optional workshops include; explore rhythm and recycled instrument creation or creating a class collaborative musical wall. Captivating, inspiring and a whole lot of fun!

Junklandia was created to take students on a journey where they can shift their usual perspective on rubbish as a huge insurmountable problem to an exciting opportunity to get creative, make something, and have fun in the process!

Junklandia was born from years of passionate experimentation with different materials to create a variety of interesting, unique and enthralling sounds. One intention of the show is to share the joy of making music with everyday household objects and exploring the age-old theme of ‘one person’s trash being another person’s treasure’. Or in this case instrument! Another theme explored through the characters is the tension that exists between siblings but how ultimately, they have each other’s backs, support each other on their quest, and use teamwork to overcome obstacles.

The work also explores themes of vulnerability, courage and bravery, demonstrating that it is acceptable to be afraid and courage is the ability to face our fears. This is echoed in the greater theme of facing the pollution problem of the world with creative solutions and remembering to have a good time ­– even whilst we collectively face big challenges!

The junk orchestra finale is a powerful creative practice uniting all students into one cohesive jam. This experience of musical unification helps strengthen the bonds of community while making space for every student to become a junkyard rockstar and discover their innate musician within!

Playing music is known to have numerous social, mental, and emotional benefits and Junklandia aims to remind kids that they all have rhythm and the ability to play music anywhere and anytime they like! This tactile expression of one’s feelings is something that is especially necessary for kids in this high-tech age we live in.


Curriculum links: The Arts – Drama, Dance, Music & Visual Arts, Capabilities – Personal and Social, Civics and Citizenship

Online workshops available: Yes! Contact [email protected] to enquire about Online program options.

Booking info: Space required D:4m W:5m H:3m. Cannot be performed on a carpeted floor. 

Please note: Councils, Venues and Community Presenters are welcome to book through the Arts & Education program. Contact the team at [email protected] to confirm the program fee. 


About This Event

Metro: 25/07/2022-05/08/2022
Regional: 25/07/2022-05/08/2022
Presented by:

Junkyard Beats

Art Form:


Booking Details: 75 minutes

Minimum Fee: For Schools $1200 + GST for groups of up to 120. Additional students $10 per head. Please note Councils, Venues and Community Presenters are welcome to book through the Arts & Education program. Contact the team to confirm the program fee.

Suitable for which years: Prep, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12,

Terms Available: Term 3,

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