Dianne Longley – Illumination Press at Sydney Contemporary Paper

Finely crafted artist books Dianne is a writer as well as an artist, and many of her books are illustrated parables or poems of her own invention.

Sydney Contemporary – Paper – Artist Books – September 7-10, 2023

Dianne Longley is presenting works from her wonderful archive of artist books made over 40 years, and also some recent publications fresh off the printing press! If you are visiting Sydney Contemporary visit Paper and discover Dianne’s work in the artist book section.

Dianne’s books are not restricted to the use of any particular printmaking medium. She can select the one – or the particular combination of techniques – from her repertoire, which best serves her purpose, aesthetic and/or conceptual, at any given time. Dianne avoids being ensnared by the technical dimension alone; she develops her own idiosyncratic vocabulary, a personal language incorporating image and text in a variety of modes.

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Sydney Contemporary: 07/09/2023

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Dianne Longley - Agave Print Studio

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Visual Arts

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