Lemony S Puppet Theatre return with a powerful story about resilience, connection and the healing power of friendship, presented through shadow puppetry ‘unplugged’.

When & Where

Metro: 31/07/2023-11/08/2023
Regional: 31/07/2023-11/08/2023

About the Event

Presented by: Lemony S Puppet Theatre
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Art Form:

Booking Details: Darkened room and power point access. D:3m x W:5m x H:2.5m minimum space required.
Minimum Fee: $1200 + GST for up to 90 students


Additional Information

Max Students in Class: 90
Suitable for which years: Prep, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6,
Terms Available: Term 3,

Curriculum links: The Arts – Drama, The Arts – Visual Arts, Sciences, Health and Physical Education, Humanities – Civics and Citizenship.

Capabilities: Personal and Social.

Program duration: 55 minutes.