Common Dissonance

Touring as part of the 2023 Touring Services Program

In a 21st Century world where it is common to believe in both spirituality and science – how can we navigate the complex dialogues that consume contemporary culture?

Common Dissonance is an urgent contemporary circus work that creates a physical dialogue between different voices of reason. Featuring two contemporary circus performers with shared and distinctly individual experiences, it seeks balance, community, exchange, unity and diversity.

For thousands of years in Australia, understanding of the world came from dreamtime stories, song lines, and oral histories, all of which are still relevant to many Australians. Our environment is riddled with the hypocrisies of a culturally diverse past lingering in the wake of a globalized present.

Common Dissonance presents this internal conflict as physical interactions between two performers, speaking not only to the inherent conflict between modes of reasoning, but also the moments of unity, the examples of cultural exchange, and hopes to seek resolution and balance into the future.

Contradiction and correspondence, harmony and dissonance: all play out as we seek truth, knowledge, and understanding in our lives.

About This Event

When & Where

Hamilton Performing Arts Centre: 23/05/2023
Drum Theatre: 27/05/2023
West Gippsland Arts Centre:
East Gippsland Art Gallery: 02/06/2023

Presented by:

Na Djinang Circus

Art Form:

Circus / Physical Theatre

Booking Details: 50 minutes

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