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A jaunty new adventure from the DIY masters of puppetry and theatrical wizardry, Bunk Puppets promise to rip open your imagination with their cast of slapdash puppets, bizarre characters and riveting illusions!

In BUNKASAURUS, two clowns are continually distracted from the serious work at hand, stacking boxes in a warehouse.  They fall into a world of puppetry and silent comedy, blissfully creating an entertaining universe soaked in imagination and creativity.

The show is a mashup of genres, blending imagery, sounds and narrative forms from the clowning, puppetry and DIY science fiction.  BUNKASAURUS is ideal for families seeking an inspiring show, with raucous and eye-popping results!

Award winners at Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringes, Bunk Puppets have travelled the globe and built an international reputation with their absurdist and imaginative visual stories.

Bunk Puppets performances bring a focus on DIY entertainment using simple materials, and household items.   With the transformation of ordinary objects into live shadow puppet cartoons, the audience is left with an imaginative experience.  It inspires and excites and hardly a word is spoken.  Bunk Puppets use simple techniques in clown and comedy movement to develop a simple story, with simple objects.  A unique theatre show, best experienced first, and described after.

About This Event

When & Where

Kingston Arts Centre: 12/04/2023
Drum Theatre: 14/04/2023
Frankston Arts Centre:
Riverlinks: 19/04/2023
Knox Community Arts Centre: 21/04/2023
Forge Theatre and Arts Hub: 22/04/2023
The Cube: 26/04/2023
Ararat Town Hall: 28/04/2023

Presented by:

Bunk Puppets

Art Form:

Children's Theatre

Booking Details: 55 Minutes

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