A Taste of Africa

Touring as part of the 2023 Arts & Education Program

Diversity | Teamwork | Rhythm and Movement

Feel the rhythm of the drums, explore the raw energy of the dance and be captivated by culture in this well rounded, educational incursion program.

A Taste of Africa is a popular program, designed after years of teaching in Australian and international schools. Students will learn about African instruments and traditional village activities in a short performance that showcases the raw talent and energy of the artists, before breaking up into groups and exploring African drumming and dance activities to provide a well-rounded experience of African culture! This is followed by an interactive performance and a fun and informative Q&A session for students.

A Taste of Africa works around the key theme of bringing the schools community together. After enjoying a live performance including drumming, dance and acrobatics, students, teachers and school communities alike, are challenged to work together while having fun during the workshop. During the live performance, participants learn about life in a local village in Ghana. They hear stories and explore some of the every day tasks that children their ages do like collecting water and carrying bowls on their heads. 

In the drumming workshops, participants learn the basics of playing a djembe drum and build up to a point where they are exploring polyrhythmic drumming patterns, requiring them to listen to each other and work together in order to make music.

The dance workshop explores traditional West African dances. Students are usually unfamiliar with this technique and are challenged by the unique movement pathways.

A Taste of Africa celebrates the power of diversity in our ever-changing multicultural society. It brings school communities together, challenges their ideas of the African culture and allows them to connect with the artists in a meaningful way.

Asanti Dance Theatre artists are extremely approachable, and the Q & A session is always popular. Questions are varied and the artists enjoy answering an array of questions like ‘Do you have TV’s in Africa?’ and ‘What do you eat?’.

Please note: Councils, Venues and Community Presenters are welcome to book through the Arts & Education program. Contact the team at [email protected] to confirm the program fee. 

About This Event

Metro: 22/05/2023-09/06/2023
Regional: 22/05/2023-09/06/2023
Presented by:

Asanti Dance Theatre

Art Form:


Booking Details: D:4m x W:6m x H:3m minimum space required. For larger groups we split the students into 2 groups and rotate them through the workshops. This requires 2 x open spaces ie: gym, double classroom etc. With student numbers 150 or less we can deliver the program in the one space.

Minimum Fee: $1200 + GST for up to 120 students. Additional students $10 per head

Additional Information

Max Students in Class: 250

Suitable for which years: Prep, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10,

Terms Available: Term 2,

Curriculum links: The Arts – Drama, The Arts – Dance, The Arts – Music, Health and Physical Education, Humanities – Civics and Citizenship.

Capabilities: Personal and Social, Intercultural.

Program duration: 2 hours.

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