Teacher Resources

Here you will find teacher resources developed specifically to accompany performances and workshops that take place as part of the 2022 Arts & Education Program at Regional Arts Victoria.

On The Road


Cactus by Madelaine Nunn

Ardna by Aseel Tayah & Jason Tamiru

Junklandia by Junkyard Beats

On Call & Online


Pinocchio by Make a Scene

Indian Classical Dance by Chandralaya

Comic Art with Fingle Sin

Drama Improvisation Workshop by Impro Melbourne

Improvaganza by Impro Melbourne 

Fairytale Cookbook by Impro Melbourne 

VCE Unlocked by Impro Melbourne 

Previous Examples

Here are some examples of recent tours through the Arts & Education Program.
If you would like to view a specific resource from a previous tour, please get in touch with our Arts & Education team at [email protected]

Escape from Trash Mountain & Trash Puppets Workshop by Trash Puppets

A Play in a Day by Deirdre Marshall

Treehouse Architecture & Tiny Towns by the Furals

Hell’s Canyon by Emily Sheehan

Toro & Rose by Mark Penzak

Billie & the Outback Dinosaurs by Stella Rose Productions

Pick Up Sticks by Asking for Trouble

Taste of Africa by Asanti Dance Theatre

Lights Up! by Long Answers to Simple Questions

Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Mark Penzak

The Koi Fish and the Dragon by NGV

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