WAVES by Alice Mary Cooper


Waves follows the story of Alice, a hospice care worker who meets Elizabeth Moncello, the unofficial inventor of the butterfly stroke. Over many cups of tea, Alice learns how Liz, during her youth, taught herself how to swim by watching the aquatic life surrounding her small Victorian island home in the 1930s. With her incredible skill and determination, she makes it to the Berlin Olympics where she introduces the new stroke to the world and wins Gold.

A delightful tale of historical fiction, Waves is an intimate theatrical event that combines highly expressive storytelling, delicate movement and splashes of humour to tell the story of a life fully lived. 

Waves is about having an idea and the courage, drive and desire to follow it through, to swim against the tide of history and expectations, and to achieve something that is truly incredible. While the character of Elizabeth is fictional, the work is an homage to the incredible pioneering female swimmers of the early 1900s and women 'of a certain age' that society has largely forgotten.


Touring window: March 
Fee: $2,500 + $500 for technical equipment + 7% royalties + GST 
Artform: Theatre 
Ideal for: Theatre-lovers, historical societies, seniors, local swimming clubs/sea swimming groups, families, school groups (8+) 

An intimate theatrical event with splashes of humour that tells the story of a live fully lived.

10th Mar 2022

Alice Mary Cooper
Duration: 50 minutes (no interval)
Artform: Theatre
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10th Mar 2022 Regional Arts Victoria 370 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, 3000