The Spooky Men's Chorale by The Spooky Men's Chorale


The Spooky Men’s Chorale is a vast, rumbling, steam-powered and black-clad behemoth, seemingly capable of rendering audiences moist eyed with mute appreciation or haplessly gurgling with merriment. Based on the twin pillars of grand foolishness and the quest for the perfect boofchord, the Spooky Men seek to commentate on the absurdity and grandeur of the modern male armed only with their voices, a sly collection of hats and facial hair, and a twinkle in the eye.

Formed in the Blue Mountains of NSW in 2001 by Christchurch born spookmeister Stephen Taberner, the Spooky Men soon attracted attention with a judicious combination of Georgian table songs, pindrop beautiful ballads, highly inappropriate covers, and immaculate man anthems like “Don’t stand between a man and his tool.”

Since their first appearance at the National Folk Festival in Canberra in 2004, the Spooky Men have performed over 750 gigs in diverse festivals and venues across Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and in Germany and Denmark, including Woodford, WOMAD (Adelaide and NZ), Edinburgh Fringe, and Tonder (Denmark).

The Spooky Men’s Chorale have recorded seven CDs: Tooled Up (2004), Stop Scratching It (2007), Deep (2009), Big (2011), The Spooky Man in History (2013), Warm (2015), and Welcome to the Second Half (2019).

Through an evening of drop deadpan beautiful mansinging, the Spooky Men invite the audience to ponder the conundrums of modern life and manhood, joyously experience a wall of mansound, laugh stupidly, and venture into areas of great tenderness. It is not so much comedic as hilarious, not so much shimmeringly perfect as pleasingly and deeply human.

Some performances on this tour are still pending funding, with confirmation to be advised March 2020. These venues are MiRA (Marysville Information and Regional Artspace).

Touring window: June
Fee: $3, 300 + $500 for technical equipment + GST + 4% royalties
Ideal for: Adults, families with teenage children, music fans, choir fans, Monty Python fans.

Men singing songs. Some of them are funny.

21st May 2020 to 12th Jul 2020

The Spooky Men's Chorale
Duration: Up to 3 hours (incl. interval)
Artform: Music
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Date Venue Location More info
21st May 2020 Hawthorn Arts Centre 360 Burwood Road, Hawthorn, 3122
22nd May 2020 Newham Mechanics Institute 1292 Rochford Road, Newham, 3442
23rd May 2020 Yarck Hall 6583 Maroondah Hwy, Yarck, Yarck, 3719
24th May 2020 Mount Beauty Community Centre 21 Kiewa Crescent, Mount Beauty, 3699
26th May 2020 Albury Entertainment Centre 553 Kiewa Street, Albury, 2640
27th May 2020 King Valley Presents LOT 2 Mansfield-Whitfield Rd, Whitfield, 3733
28th May 2020 Numurkah Town Hall Knox Street, Numurkah, 3636
29th May 2020 The Wedge 70 Foster St, Sale, 3820
30th May 2020 National Vietnam Veterans Museum 25 Veterans Dr, Newhaven, 3925
31st May 2020 Forge Theatre and Arts Hub 80 McKean St, Bairnsdale, 3875
2nd Jun 2020 Wyndham Cultural Centre 177 Watton St, Werribee, 3030
4th Jun 2020 Clunes Neighbourhood House 70 Bailey St, Clunes, 3370
5th Jun 2020 Ararat Town Hall 193 Barkly Street, Ararat, 3377
6th Jun 2020 Murtoa Mechanics Hall 37 Duncan St, Murtoa, 3390
7th Jun 2020 Marysville Information & Cultural Centre 11 Murchison St, Marysville, 3779
12th Jul 2020 Festival of Voices 77 Salamanca Pl, Battery Point, 7004