The Magnolia Tree by The Wolves Theatre


In the front yard of the family’s home stands a magnolia tree. It was Mum’s favourite. Three siblings have come together to choose a nursing home for their mother who has advanced Alzheimer’s but instead Jack, for unclear reasons, will attempt to talk his sisters into letting her go, tonight.

This ingenious script shocks and confounds. We’re privy to family secrets, fractured relationships and confessions. Personal boundaries are crossed leaving the three siblings with an impossible bind.

This gripping psychological thriller has two endings, and the audience vote for the one powerful end they want to see.


Touring window: May
Fee: $3,000 + $500 for technical equipment + GST + 10% royalties
Artform: Theatre
Ideal for: Seniors, audiences with elderly parents, theatre groups, health groups, health workers and carers


Could you be coaxed into a darker course of action?

13th May 2021 to 27th May 2021

The Wolves Theatre Company
Duration: 70 minutes
Artform: Drama
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Connecting Places Manager
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  • Event Dates
Date Venue Location More info
13th May 2021 Altona Theatre 115 Civic Parade, Altona, 3018
14th May 2021 Potato Shed 41 Peninsula Drive, Drysdale, 3222
15th May 2021 Red Rock Regional Theatre and Gallery 520 Corangamite Lake Road, Cororooke, 3254
16th May 2021 Birchip Neighbourhood House Shamrock, Cumming Ave, Birchip, 3483
17th May 2021 Kaniva Shire Hall Baker Street, Kaniva, 3419
22nd May 2021 Moyhu Soldiers Memorial Hall 24 Bartley St, Moyhu, 3732
26th May 2021 Forge Theatre and Arts Hub 80 McKean St, Bairnsdale, 3875
27th May 2021 The Wedge Performing Arts Centre 70 Foster St, Sale, 3820