The Space Company offer you a double bill of two unique and intriguing Australian stories. Both shows weave documentary elements into a cabaret/verbatim theatre format.

Stardust: The Story

For over 25 years, a locked wooden dresser sat in the family garage of ABC presenter, Joel Carnegie. The dresser was a once prized possession of his grandfather, Col Brain. Col was one of Victoria’s most well-regarded musicians of his time, leading swing, brass and jazz bands across the state. But Col's dresser hadn’t been opened since he died. So what was inside? Herein lies the discovery of a time capsule of Australian musical life, in a heartwarming quest to uncover what Col wanted us to know about his life, by the things he left behind.

Stardust won "Best Performance By An Actor" [Joel Carnegie] and "Best Innovation" at the 2017 New York Festivals International Radio Awards, following the production’s broadcast on ABC Radio National.

The Mission: The Story

1914: Conflict on all fronts. 1939: A soldier at home and abroad. 1945: A stranger on his own land. Allan McDonald - a “Fighting Gunditjmara” man from South-West Victoria, was one of the State’s first Indigenous soldiers to enlist for war. Allan fought at some of WWI’s most famous campaigns, including Gallipoli and Beersheba - only to be denied a soldier’s settlement on his return to Australia, and forced from his traditional land at the Lake Condah Mission. So what drives someone to fight for a country that doesn’t recognise them as a citizen? How do you keep fighting in an unjust world and why?

The Mission tells the story of Allan McDonald, as investigated by his great great nephew and fellow Gunditjmara man, award winning actor Tom Molyneux (The Nose; The Ministry), alongside award winning director James Jackson (The Nose), and in collaboration with Gunditjmara Elders and community members. It draws strength from ancestors, past and present - with a story about not giving up on what you believe in, and fighting for justice whatever the cost.

Community Engagement – Brass and Ensemble:
As a unique community engagement opportunity – the creative team wish to work with each location’s local/regional brass band to perform across the double bill – highlighting local musical talent of the region and providing a professional playing experience for regional musicians. Community members will be directly involved in the creative process, learning from the creative team and contributing their musical skills into the double bill. Please contact the Producer, Joel Carnegie for further information about this aspect of the production.

Tales of love, music and war - and all the things that get left behind...

1st Jan 2022

The Space Company
Duration: 100 min plus 20 min interval
Artform: Drama
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1st Jan 2022 Regional Arts Victoria 370 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, 3000