Sound of Your Town by Mama Kin Spender


Mama Kin Spender duo Danielle Caruana and Tommy Spender have teamed up with Choir Master Virginia Bott to develop a live show that takes the soulful sounds of MKS and couples it with the harmonies of community choirs from each town to create an immersive live act that sings of stories, people and joy that becomes a major Community Event.

As part of MKS’s commitment to meaningful artistic community engagement and dialogue with their audiences, MKS is developing a model of touring and workshops that will allow MKS to tour throughout some of Australia’s remote and regional small towns and communities, and also give communities the opportunity to deliver a series of activities that supports and builds community participation in the Arts.

Choirs from each township are engaged 6 weeks prior to the event to learn the arrangements and harmonies of three to six songs, which are then performed with MKS on stage. Over the course of the preparation the local Choir Master liaises with Virgina Bott who leads the development of the choirs via phone and skype. Built into each engagement is an extensive workshop for the choir with MKS and Virginia Bott The workshops allow for local singers  to work directly with touring artists, fostering a reciprocal relationship between the artists and the local community, while offering a direct opportunity for professional development.

There is also scope to deliver school-based workshops to children and young people in each place with the potential for a performance outcome as part of the event. The charts and resources could be made available to the music teachers at the local school to work on teaching the simpler arrangements to students of any age over the course of a term.  Alternatively, MKS and Virginia could deliver a choir workshop to teach music students one arrangement, which then may result in an invitation to join them at the performance.  This style of workshop could also be delivered into Aged Care home facilities.

This model not only provides the artistic and creative scope for each show to be powerful and rich in its performance and unique to each place, but also builds into a greater “bums on seats” strategy that engages MKS with audiences who would otherwise not get to experience their music if they stuck to the traditional touring routes.

Each event will be unique to its place and will be driven by local community members to produce the event that best suits its people.  Community choirs will be offered an invitation to apply to host the Event and will work collaboratively with the MKS logistics and creative team to produce and market the event in their hometown.  This will empower local communities to get behind the event and drive the outcome, and potentially empower them to deliver more creative events in the future.

Each town will be supplied with the necessary tools and support to deliver a high standard event which will include marketing collateral and strategies, fundraising opportunities and performance outcomes.

“We wanted to know more of you, have a shared experience, deepen our connection with every town we visit.” - Mama Kin Spender

Touring window: August & November
Fee: $4,425 + $500 for technical equipment + GST
Ideal for: Families, couples, women 25+, seniors, artists/creatives, local singers

Creating a unique rock experience with your community

21st May 2020

Mama Kin Spender
Duration: 3 hours (incl. interval)
Artform: Music
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21st May 2020 Hawthorn Arts Centre 360 Burwood Road, Hawthorn, 3122