SOUND OF YOUR TOWN by Mama Kin Spender


This soulful collaboration will unearth and renew your town’s passion for music and connection through community and voice. ARIA-nominated Mama Kin, producer Tommy ‘Dingo’ Spender, Choir Master Virginia Bott and your local choir will share a residency and live performance experience to create the Sound of Your Town.

All you need is a community choir or the desire to put one together. Choir Master Virginia Bott will help your local choir master prepare for the project through online sessions in the lead up to the residency. Virginia will guide the local choir master through repertoire so that they can rehearse arrangements with the local choir over six weeks at regular rehearsal times. Then Mama Kin and Tommy ‘Dingo’ Spender will visit the town in person for two days of rehearsals and workshops, followed by an electrifying public performance on the third day.

This once-in-a-lifetime experience is unmissable for music fans, local choirs and their families! Sound of Your Town will take your town’s passion for music to new heights through this joyous shared experience.


Touring window: August & October/November 
Fee: $4,425 + $500 for technical equipment + GST 
Artform: Music, Community Engagement 
Ideal for: Local choirs and their families, musicians & music lovers, couples, seniors

A joyous and uniquely soulful experience featuring your local choir.

8th Aug 2022

Mama Kin Spender
Duration: 150 mins (with interval)
Artform: Music
Booking info:
Contact Anna Kennedy
Connecting Places Manager
[email protected]
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8th Aug 2022 Regional Arts Victoria 370 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, 3000