JUNKLANDIA by Junkyard Beats


Two brothers from a faraway planet called JUNKLANDIA embark on a mission to Earth to teach earthlings the Junklandian ways of creative recycling and how to be more resourceful with their rubbish! The show transitions into a ‘Junk Orchestra’ experience where each audience member, equipped with a recycled instrument, will participate in an incredible jam of epic proportions! By uniting in rhythm, music and movement, everyone can experience the tangible power of unity by coming together in a recycled drum circle. This show and optional workshops are designed to get kids involved, engaged and learning about environmental education in a whole new way. Captivating, inspiring and a whole lot of fun!

After the 45 minute show each student will be given a recycled instrument made by the Junkyard Beats team and we will create a 'Junk Orchestra'. For 30 minutes students will play musical games and be taught varying rhythms which will culminate in one epic jam at the end! Students will be delighted to be able to participate in the Junklandia experience and will be left with a deeper understanding of rhythm and a newfound perspective on sustainability. The 15 minute Q&A session at the end will allow the students to express their curiosities and have all of their questions answered.

Schools may be eligible for subsidies and bookings come with teacher resources. This show is highly recommended for community presenters and small halls, as well as school incursions.


Touring window: July/August (Term 3) 
Fee: $1,700 (including technical equipment & workshop materials) + GST 
Artform: Physical Theatre, Music, Circus 
Ideal for: Children & families (4+), teenagers, the young at heart, budding environmentalists, music lovers 

Junklandians are here to teach Earthlings creative recycling and rhythmic repurposing!

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1st Jan 2022

Junkyard Beats
Duration: 45 minute show + 30 minute 'Junk Orchestra' + 15 minute Q&A
Artforms: Circus / Physical Theatre, Music
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Senior Manager, Arts & Education
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1st Jan 2022 Regional Arts Victoria 370 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, 3000