JUDE PERL: Participation Award


An entertaining musical comedy exploration of bullying and our school system, featuring Jude Perl’s unique brand of stream-of-consciousness style song writing, PARTICIPATION AWARD presents a historically accurate (*citation needed) show, which begs the age-old question – why does school suck so much?

Is it the compulsory sporting events? The one size fits all grading methods? Maintaining your precarious position in a volatile social food chain? Or is it just the arbitrary bullying?

Delivered with her signature high-energy, high-awkward, vulnerable-when-no-one-asked-her-to-be musical story telling, Jude explores confrontation through the ages (her ages).

As it turns out, confrontation isn’t so hard if you just close your eyes, and imagine you are in a calmer, distant place… then all you have to do is move to that place, change your name and hair colour, and that way the person you are confronting has no way of ever finding you.

Jude Perl is a multi-award winning singer, songwriter and comedian based in Melbourne. In her hometown, she has created a name for herself by writing and performing hilarious, yet brutally honest, stream-of-consciousness style lyrics, set to undeniably catchy and well-crafted songs.

Her last show I Have A Face has won multiple awards, toured all over Australia to sold out audiences and has been widely praised for it's unique voice and honesty.

A musical comedy that asks the question - why does school suck so much?!

6th May 2022 to 11th Nov 2022

Jude Perl
Duration: 60 Minutes
Artforms: Cabaret, Comedy
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Date Venue Location More info
6th May 2022 Monash Univerity, Clayton Drama Theatre Wellington Road, Clayton, 3800
7th May 2022 The Bowery Theatre 33 Princess Street, St Albans, 3021
13th May 2022 The Potato Shed 29 Peninsula Drive, Drysdale, 3222
14th May 2022 The Wedge Performing Arts Centre 70 Foster St, Sale, 3820
19th May 2022 Williamstown Town Hall 104 Ferguson St, Williamstown, 3016
21st May 2022 Plenty Ranges Arts & Convention Centre 35 Ferres Boulevard, South Morang, 3752
4th Jun 2022 Wyndham Cultural Centre 177 Watton St, Werribee, 3030
6th Oct 2022 Gasworks Arts Park 21 Graham Street, Albert Park, 3206
7th Oct 2022 Gasworks Arts Park 21 Graham Street, Albert Park, 3206
8th Oct 2022 Gasworks Arts Park 21 Graham Street, Albert Park, 3206
4th Nov 2022 Wonthaggi Union Community Arts Centre 96 Graham St, Wonthaggi, 3995
5th Nov 2022 Drum Theatre Cnr Lonsdale & Walker Streets, Dandenong, 3175
10th Nov 2022 Kyneton Town Hall 129 Mollison St, Kyneton, 3444
11th Nov 2022 Hamilton Performing Arts Centre 113 Brown St, Hamilton, 3300