I See You Like This by Jessica Wilson


Look this way. Look natural. Smile. With our ever-growing appetite to document our lives through photos and selfies, children are so often the reluctant subjects of their parent’s cameras.

I See You Like This turns the camera back and allows children to see their parents as subjects through the lens of their own imaginations.

Children are given permission to observe and portray their parent, while parents are able to experience being ‘seen’ by their child. Each child artist chooses an object, which best represents this adult subject, before art directing a creative portrait directly onto their parent’s face! Each artwork is captured by a professional photographer in a special studio and can be taken home to share.

I See You Like This is an interactive art experience created by Jessica Wilson with designer Matilda Woodroofe and photographer Carla Gottgens to celebrate the fascinating relationship that is at the heart of individual identity – between parent and child.


How does your child see you?

10th Jul 2021 to 11th Jul 2021

Jessica Wilson
Duration: 45 minute appointments or En Masse Style
Artform: Photography
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10th Jul 2021 Portland Civic Hall 30 Bentinck Street, Portland, 3305
11th Jul 2021 Portland Civic Hall 30 Bentinck Street, Portland, 3305