CONNECTING PLACES: Dance Hall by Finucane & Smith

 In the tradition of not-to-be-missed, bring-a-plate community dances of old, Dance Hall is the supper dance of the year. An unmissable night out that shines a glittering spotlight on your local talent, showcases world famous exhibition dance and song from around the world, feast on local specialties under lanterns and bunting, and sweeps the whole community into line dances, Ethiopian shimmy and a spot of Bollywood before busting out ABAA.


A dazzling cornucopia of local talent, local produce, treasured local halls, and internationally acclaimed stars, Dance Hall is a storytelling and dance teaching extravaganza, a transcendent night of song and dance which will show the bounty of your own community in a new light!


Dance Hall can be presented either as an adults' show, or a family show, suitable for Sunday afternoon, for example, depending on the choice of content and costumes.

Touring Window: September & October

Ideal for: Dance enthusiasts, cabaret lovers, community groups, table bookings

Connecting Places is supported by Creative Victoria

A whole of community knees up, where local stars and world famous legends burn the floor!

1st Sep 2018 to 31st Oct 2018

Finucane & Smith
Duration: 180 minutes
Artform: Dance
Cost: $4,334 + 12% royalties + $500 for technical equipment
Booking info: Please contact Rosie
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Date Venue Location More info
1st Sep 2018 Regional Arts Victoria Level 3, 370 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, 3000
31st Oct 2018 Regional Arts Victoria Level 3, 370 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, 3000