Ann-Droid by BANDART Productions

Ann-droid is a unique show that combines theatre with the newest digital technologies: projection, a smart LED costume, a robot ball and a drone in a fascinating story for all ages. This show brings the story of Pinocchio into the 21st century with our little robot girl Ann and her creator Alfred.

The story displays the complexity of their relationship, as we get to know Alfred’s different robots together with many other fantastic creatures, such as Foot-Mushroom, Lolly-Pot and Hand-Whisk. Thanks to their delightful personalities and jolly design, these partially drawn and partially real beings turn out to be equally realised characters to Ann and Alfred. Alfred gives Ann one task: to collect and bring back home the lost creatures. Due to unexpected and diverse incredible adventures on their way, both of them have to evolve. By learning from their mistakes, Alfred and Ann find their way back to each other.

During her wonderful journey on the ground, in the air and underwater she has to face many challenges that help her discover the most important virtues in life. Before the very eyes of the audience the drawn animation comes to life where performers move together with the projected visuals creating a 3D movie experience.

This tour is still in development and awaiting funding confirmation. Further performance information will be available in December 2019.

A Modern Pinocchio

1st Jan 2020

BANDART Productions
Duration: 50 minutes
Artform: Digital Technologies
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1st Jan 2020 Regional Arts Victoria Level 3, 370 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, 3000