The gallery will become a treasure trove of archeological discoveries from our own back yard. Sometimes it takes an artist’s eye to see the potential in something discarded or forgotten, and transform it into a thought-provoking artwork.

The exhibition opening will be held in conjunction with the famous (f)route breakfast, this time at the Great Alpine Gallery. For the uninitiated, the (f)route breakfasts are a regular feast of local fruity goodness, all locally sourced and made, with hot tea and coffee – just how much lemon tart and poached quince can you eat for breakfast?  

In keeping with the theme, breakfast will be served with some freshly unearthed fruit-flavoured kombucha brewed by Judith Wong. Judith, a well-known teacher, adventurer and unearther of many Alpine marvels, will be opening the exhibition, and will no doubt have an interesting take on “Unearthed – lost things found”.

Bring something for the table for the (f)route breakfast or a donation, then head across the road to the Albion Hotel for the Harvest Exchange to swap some local produce - what a fruity feast!

All kinds of treasures are being unearthed in the Tambo Valley as artists create art pieces from “lost things found”, opening this coming Sunday morning, 23rd April at 9.30am.

23rd Apr 2017

Booking info: the venue is the Great Alpine Gallery, Swifts Creek
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23rd Apr 2017 Swifts Creek Community Centre Swifts Creek