Through the Screen

THROUGH THE SCREEN is photographer Steve Sumpton’s Midsumma Festival debut exhibition exploring the impact perception has on identity. Follow an ensemble of unknowns as they approach their first encounters: First time returning home. First time revealing a secret. First time enjoying company.

Punters are instructed at the exhibition to anonymously share their perceptions on an online forum. Feel the impact as you compare your perceptions to others'.

Instructions to the online forum will be available at the gallery. Smartphones required.

Mister Morris
20 Junction Street, Preston

19 Jan - 8 Feb 2018
Exhibition: Thu - Sun, 12pm - 5pm
Opening: 18 Jan, 6.30 - 8.30pm

First encounters are difficult to manage. However, contemporary cinematic photographer, Steve Sumpton shows us that confronting perceptions can be therapeutic.

18th Jan 2018

Artform: Photography
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18th Jan 2018 Mister Morris 20 Junction St, Preston, 3072