Thou Art Mum – What Lies Beneath 2017

Layers exist in a myriad of physical, intellectual and superficial forms.

The natural world is constructed by layers, from rock formations to the design of plants and animals. We attire ourselves in layers, expressing ourselves through them, hiding behind them, and exploring our creativity within them.

We ourselves are a direct result of layers, from the skin on our bodies to the structure of our cells. Our surface layers experience alteration with time, while our minds collect experiences which compile to form our unique personalities.

Join our artists as they use their own unique perspective of layers to explore the ordinary and unravel the remarkable.

 3 - 29 May 2017

A conceptual exhibition by Thou Art Mum exploring the theme of layers.

3rd May 2017

Thou Art Mum
Artform: Visual Arts
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3rd May 2017 Montsalvat Eltham