Quebec Fiddle Weekend

The 2018 Quebec Fiddle Weekend is extremely excited to present Laura Risk (fiddle) and Rachel Aucoin (piano) in Australia for the very first time. Come and join our Quebec corner in Gippsland where we will enjoy classes, meals, jams and a dance with these two great artists. The weekend starts on Friday evening and ends on Tuesday after our signature Melbourne-Cup Champagne Brunch to finish.

Kit Joyce will be taking the accordion & free reed classes, Pria Schwall-Kearney is leading the kids' program, Jeanette Mill is in charge of the contradance, and Jess Foot is running the oboe and woodwind hang!

Our venue is Hidden Hill in Gippsland, about 2 hours’ drive from Melbourne. Or you can take the train from Melbourne to Moe on the Traralgon VLine route. You can find out more about Hidden Hill on the Accommodation page. Participants have the choice of bunk beds in the main house, or under canvas outside, or bring your own van or tent. 

Please note numbers for this camp are limited in order to keep the classes small. Day rates will be available if there are vacancies.

A small, friendly music camp in Gippsland, Quebec Fiddle Weekend is an annual event near Melbourne, Australia dedicated to the traditional music of French Canada. Just because the music is so enjoyable! And not just for fiddles... pianists, accordions, contradance lovers, oboes & fiddlers and kids are all an essential part of the camp! Quebec Fiddle Weekend 2018 runs from November 2 - 6 with guest artists Laura Risk (fiddle) and Rachel Aucoin (piano).

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2nd Nov 2018

Booking info: or call Judy 0422868680
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2nd Nov 2018 Gippsland - Various Gippsland