LORE: Accumulated knowledge or belief held by a group about a subject. Passedon from person to person it can include mythology, legends, folklore, culture, beliefs, sayings and fantasy. 

Freestone Printmakers have been gathering together to create and print for many years now and have, over time, developed their own lore - both individually and as a group. In this fantastic exhbition they present their beliefs, their culture, their deepest secrets to us. Through print. 

The exhibition continues at the Briagolong Art Gallery until December 4. An expanded exhibition is also showing at 45downstairs in Melbourne from 22 November - 3 December. 

Freestone Printmakers are showing this exhibition in Melbourne and here in their homeland of Briagolong - at the same time!

15th Nov 2016

Briagolong Art Gallery
Artform: Visual Arts
Booking info: Free.
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15th Nov 2016 Briagolong Art Gallery Cnr Forbes and Avon Sts, Briagolong, 3860