Horse Myths

Horse Myths focuses on horses associated with well known Australian historical narratives. In this project the horses become the principal characters, immersed in the landscape of their misadventures. The people are stripped from the images, and using the sketches of the day as motifs, the horses and the landscape tell the story.

This body of work refers to a narrative about the favourite horse of Australian explorer Ernest Giles. Named “The Fair Maid Of Perth“, the mare disappeared mysteriously into the Gibson Desert.  The Fair Maid of Perth stencil first appeared in Steve’s travel diary, and has popped up occasionally ever since in the Gibson Desert, around Melbourne art venues and in these paintings.

The Fair Maid of Perth disappeared in mysterious circumstances in the Gibson Desert in 1874.

16th Feb 2017 to 4th Mar 2017

Artform: Visual Arts
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16th Feb 2017 Brightspace 8 Martin Street, St Kilda, 3182
4th Mar 2017 Brightspace 8 Martin Street, St Kilda, 3182