Beyond the Studio

MAPgroup, one of Australia’s most renowned photographic collectives, has created documentary portraits of Castlemaine artists, as part of the Castlemaine State Festival’s Open Studios program.

Eighteen MAPgroup members have photographed over 90 artists spanning diverse mediums including painting, installation, printmaking, dance and circus performance. The resulting exhibition, Beyond The Studio, delves into the artists' varied creative processes and provides a snapshot of Castlemaine's vibrant creative community.

During March, the portraits will be exhibited at various locations throughout the town as large-scale paste ups.

Locations include: Mechanics Lane, Bendigo Bank, Frederick Street including the Town Hall, The Mill, Lot 19.

Photo © Tobias Tiz.

MAPgroup's "Beyond the studio" documents Castlemaine's vibrant artistic community through photographic portraits, presented as large scale paste ups.

10th Mar 2019

Artforms: Festival, Photography, Other
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10th Mar 2019 Lot 19 Langslow Street, Castlemaine