VCE Drama Unlocked: Transitions & Space (Unit 4 Drama Solo)- Impro Melbourne

This workshop focuses on key areas of what are transitions, how are they created and how they can be used. The students create transition skills that involve music, sound, language repetition, song, sound and rhythm. They then focus on how to apply these transitions in performance space.

Improvisation, Character Development, Critical and Creative Thinking

On Call

Available On Call throughout 2017 and 2018


VCE Unit 4

Also suitable Levels 8 – 10

DURATION 90 mins

FEE $341 + GST LESS Eligible Subsidy

Max 30 students

Victorian Curriculum Links: The Arts

VCE Links: Drama and Theatre Studies with a focus on VCE Unit 3 and 4 Drama

Capabilities: Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social, Ethical

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Image: James Penlidis

This workshop focuses on the key areas of Character development and of transitions, how are they created and how can they be used to elevate a performance such as the Solo task of VCE Unit 4 Drama.

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Metro: 30th Jan 2017 to 22nd Dec 2017
Metro: 29th Jan 2018 to 21st Dec 2018
Regional: 30th Jan 2017 to 22nd Dec 2017
Regional: 29th Jan 2018 to 21st Dec 2018

Impro Melbourne
Duration: 90 mins
Artform: Drama
Minimum fee: $341 + GST LESS Eligible Subsidy
Suitability: Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12
Terms: Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, Term 4
Maximum Student Attendance: 30
Booking info: Technical Requirements: Require space large enough for all students to be standing and moving freely around. Workshops can be noisy so need to be in area that will not disturb other classes.