Tinker by New Working Group and Andy Dexterity

Tinker is an intimate one-person show for young people that uses spoken word, physical theatre and Auslan (Australian Sign Language) to create an evocative, ambient, multi-sensory experience. 

Tinker's life is a quiet routine of nuts and bolts, tinkering and tankering, daydreaming and stargazing. From her attic window she only ever sees the world through the eye of a telescope. She images fantastical locations and remarkable adventures, but always from the safety of her home. When her life is turned upside down, Tinker must face her fears and, armed with only her imagination and creative thinking, head out into the world on a quest that will launch her into the stars. Tinker is an outsider's adventure story, a beautiful tale of heroism, curiosity, friendship and creativity. 

Tinker is a collaboration between Helpmann award-winning playwright Dan Giovannoni, and acclaimed physical performer and Deaf Australia ambassador Andy Dexterity. Incorporating the language of Auslan into physical performance styles, Tinker can be enjoyed by both Deaf and hearing audiences. Andy will play all the characters, as well as the narrator. Tinker uses old technology like cassette tapes, overhead projectors and record players to create an evocative, ambient, multi-sensory experience. Tinker is an investigation into creativity, imagination, and communication – our deep and enduring need to be understood. It is also a story about growing up. Our little protagonist embarks on a remarkable journey, one that will make her aware of her place in a much bigger world than she ever imagined. Tinker a meditation on growing up and the meeting place between childhood and adulthood. 

This work is the 2018 Australian Children’s Theatre Foundation (ACTF) Commission.

Friendship, Creativity, Self-Expression

AVAILABLE: 28 May - 8 June 2017

IDEAL FOR: Years 3 - 6

DURATION: 50 minute performance + 10 minute Q & A

FEE: $660 + GST, Less Eligible Subsidy for up to 60 students

VICTORIAN CURRICULUM LINKS: The Arts - Drama, Languages - Auslan

Capabilties: Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social

Australian Childrens' Theatre Foundation

A new work commissioned by the Australian Children's Theatre Foundation, Tinker uses spoken word, Auslan and physical theatre to tell an outsider's adventure story of heroism, friendship and facing your fears.

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Metro: 28th May 2018 to 8th Jun 2018
Regional: 28th May 2018 to 8th Jun 2018

New Working Group and Andy Dexterity
Duration: 50 mins + Q&A 10 mins
Artforms: Circus / Physical Theatre, Theatre, Drama
Cost: $11 per student for up to 60 students LESS eligible subsidy
Minimum fee: $660 + GST LESS eligible subsidy
Suitability: Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6
Term: Term 2
Maximum Student Attendance: 60
Booking info: PA system required. Theatre with full blackout preferred, however darkened room will suffice. Minimum 3m x 3m x 3m performance space required.