The Yellow Wave - 15 Minutes from Anywhere

The Yellow Wave has been selected on the 2017 Playlist for Unit 3 Theatre Studies

Kenneth Mackay’s 400-page Australian classic of 19th century literature vividly comes to life in 75 action-packed minutes. An epic saga of Love, Heroism and Sacrifice, The Yellow Wave is a prescient tale of War, Passion and Boat Arrivals - an invasion like no other.

Featuring a vast array of characters ranging across ethnicities, genders and ages, all of the roles are played by shapeshifting Asian Australian actors Keith Brockett and John Marc Desengano.

The Yellow Wave is an important and unique work. The novel deals with “fear of the other”, a complex subject that despite being written of in the 19th century remains relevant in Australia of today. Yellow Wave uses two non-white actors and a female narrator tell the novel’s white, almost exclusively male narrative.

The comedy in the show has a broadness, physicality and innocence which owes much to the tradition of clowning. No props are utilised and the only set element is a bench behind which the two actors transform. The show relies on the performative and vocal abilities of the two actors to tell the story, set the scene and create the characterisations.

The Yellow Wave, 2015 Green Room Award Nominee for Outstanding Ensemble,nods in a satisfyingly emphatic manner to the old-fashioned conventions of vaudeville, panto and 1940s cinema, and employs comedic stage-craft that we just don’t see enough of these impeccable show pony ride.”–Arts Hub

Drama, Satire, History, Identity, Culture

On the Road, Term 2


24 April – 5 May 2017


Years 7 -12 (VCE Theatre Studies & VCE Drama) and Community


75 mins with 20 mins Q & A

Optional Workshops: Tailored to individual school needs


Performance: Base rate $ 1800 + GST for up to 120 students LESS Eligible Subsidy 

Optional Workshops: Tailored to individual school needs POA

Victorian Curriculum Links: The Arts, Languages, The Humanities – History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship

Capabilities: Intercultural Understanding, Ethical, Personal and Social, Critical and Creative Thinking

Artforms: Drama

Cross-Curriculum Priorities: Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia

Key Themes: Cultural Identity, Tolerance, Immigration

15 minutes from anywhere

*Selected on the 2017 Unit 3 Theatre Studies Playlist* The Yellow Wave brings Major-General Kenneth Mackay’s 19th century invasion novel to life. Shapeshifting Asian-Australian actors play characters of a vast array of ethnicities, genders and ages, depicting Australia’s fear of the Other.

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Metro: 24th Apr 2017 to 5th May 2017
Regional: 24th Apr 2017 to 5th May 2017

15 Minutes from Anywhere
Duration: 75 mins + Q & A
Artform: Drama
Minimum fee: Base rate $ 1800 + GST for up to 120 students LESS Eligible Subsidy, Workshop: POA
Suitability: Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12
Term: Term 2
Maximum Student Attendance: 120
Booking info: Technical Requirements: Darkened room and lighting preferred but can adapt the show to any venue type.