The Koi Fish and the Dragon by National Gallery of Victoria

Engage with vivid storytelling, mythology and ancient symbolism and themes of perseverance, determination, strength and power through exploring and making images of Japanese Koi fish and Chinese dragons.

The Koi Fish and the Dragon introduces children to the rich cultural traditions of China and Japan through discussion of a wide range of artworks from the NGV Asian Collection featuring images and stories of Koi fish (carp) or dragons.

In China and Japan, the Koi fish has important symbolic meaning. The traditional story celebrated in Japan on National Children's Day tells of the perseverance and determination of the Koi fish in swimming upstream and jumping for one hundred years before finally being turned into a dragon.

The dragon is represented in many forms across Asia, but is particularly identified with China. Unlike its European counterpart, which is known for its destructive and fearsome nature, the Asian dragon can be a symbol of renewal, embodying the forces of nature.

Inspired by the rich narratives and diverse works discussed, students use a simple printmaking technique to create their own unique artwork illustrating the determination of the Japanese Koi fish or the strength of the Chinese Dragon.

Through exploring and responding to aspects of Chinese and Japanese art and culture this program offers students new ways of understanding the world and an opportunity to express ideas in visual form.

The program aligns with and supports outcomes across multiple learning areas (including Visual Arts and The Humanities), Capabilities (Intercultural, Critical and Creative Thinking, and Personal and Social) and the cross-curriculum priority of Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia, in the Victorian Curriculum.

Victorian Curriculum links: The Arts - Visual Arts, , English, Humanities – History, Humanities - Geography

Capabilities: Critical and Creative Thinking, Intercultural

Koi Fish and Dragon: Explore the art and culture of China and Japan.

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Metro: 28th Oct 2019 to 8th Nov 2019
Regional: 28th Oct 2019 to 8th Nov 2019

National Gallery of Victoria
Duration: 90 mins
Artform: Visual Arts
Minimum fee: $500 + GST per workshop. Additional fees may apply
Suitability: Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6
Term: Term 4
Booking info: Technical Requirements: Access to power required