The Experiments by Elbow Room Theatre Company

The Experiments' are two 50-minute works for two actors, designed to tour to high school students. 'An Experiment with the Caucasian Chalk Circle' presents, explains and makes accessible Bertolt Brecht's 30-person, three-hour epic about what ownership and responsibility - whether for children, or for country - should really mean to us. 'An Experiment with Waiting for Godot' does the same for Beckett's masterpiece, which influenced everything from David Bowie to Seinfeld. Initially commissioned and produced by Backbone and Artslink in 2013, 'The Experiments' have toured extensively to schools in metropolitan and regional Queensland, most recently through Queensland Music Festival.

Ethics, Theatre, Compassion

TOUR DATES: 30 April - 11 May 2018



Performance 50 minutes + 10 minute Q & A (max 120 students)

Workshop 45 minutes + 15 minutes Q & A (max 30 students)

FEE: Base rate of $1200 + GST for up to 120 students, LESS Eligible Subsidy

Victorian Curriculum Links: The Arts - Drama, English

Capabilities: Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social, Ethical


The Experiments makes accessible some of the greatest theatre works of the 20th Century. Exploring either Bertolt Brecht's The Caucasian Chalk Circle or Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot, students are taken on a clever and funny investigation of these iconic texts.

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Metro: 30th Apr 2018 to 11th May 2018
Regional: 30th Apr 2018 to 11th May 2018

Duration: Performance 50 mins + Q&A 10 mins, workshop 45 mins + Q&A 15 mins
Artforms: Theatre, Drama
Cost: $10 per student for up to 120 students LESS eligible subsidy
Minimum fee: $1200 LESS eligible subsidy
Suitability: Year 11, Year 12
Term: Term 2
Maximum Student Attendance: 30
Booking info: Classroom sized space required for workshop. Performance space 5m x 5m x 2.5m