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The Creative Curriculum Online is a professional development program designed to enable teachers in all disciplines (both non-performing arts and performing arts based) to build the skills and confidence that will enable them to use performing arts practice in everyday classroom teaching and curriculum delivery.

The Creative Curriculum Online is delivered by Arts Centre Melbourne’s team of professional Teaching Artists (practicing artists with strong teaching backgrounds and school experience). It’s an investment in capacity building aiming to develop the repertoire of skills a teacher can draw on in their day-to-day teaching practice and, by extension, offer ongoing benefits to both the school and its students through those enhanced teaching skills.

The Creative Curriculum Online is designed around four artform areas: body & text, sound & rhythm, visuals & objects, movement & shape. Although this workshop is delivered online, its methods and activities are designed to work, primarily, in face-to-face classroom teaching, although they can be used just as well in the event of remote on-screen learning. The content is also designed to be accessible to any teacher and capable of being replicated in a variety of educational settings using only resources that are generally found in the classroom or the school environment, or within the imaginations of the students. All group activities have been modified to allow for Covid-Safe participation by students.

The Creative Curriculum Online is delivered in two parts –


The Creative Curriculum Online (Part One)

Part One (two half-day online workshops) – the Teacher participates in two half-day online workshops (with other teachers from different schools), working with the team of Teaching Artists to develop skills in specific artform areas and then exploring ways of applying them to teaching and classroom practice. The first half-day workshop focuses on skills acquisition and the second half-day workshop focuses on the application of those skills. 

(NB. The two half-day workshops will ideally be taken on consecutive days. However, teachers may request both workshops on the same day, although this isn’t recommended.)

Workshop dates: 7-11 June, 2021


The Creative Curriculum Online (Part Two)

Part Two (half-day in-school extension) – one member of Arts Centre Melbourne’s Teaching Artist Team is available online for a half-day virtual school visit to assist in the development of ideas and strategies aimed at implementing performing arts practice within an area of the curriculum chosen by the teacher. This can be focused on individual classes, year levels or the school as a whole.

Workshop dates: 2-13 August 2021

There are four ways the outcomes of these workshops can be incorporated into the school programme:

  1. Strategies and ideas for using performing arts practice in the delivery of non-performing arts areas of the curriculum.
  2. Strategies and ideas for introducing, developing or extending performing arts practice in the school curriculum.
  3. Strategies and ideas for changing or revitalising existing models of performing arts practice in the school.
  4. Strategies and ideas for incorporating performing arts practice into remote or online teaching.

Activities from The Creative Curriculum Online can be adapted for use at all levels of primary and secondary school. It can also be applied to community-based youth groups and schools or groups engaging young people with disabilities.

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A professional development program for teachers designed to build skills and confidence.

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Regional: 7th Jun 2021 to 11th Jun 2021
Regional: 2nd Aug 2021 to 13th Aug 2021

Arts Centre Melbourne
Duration: Full day workshop + in-school extension
Artform: Courses
Suitability: prep, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12
Terms: Term 2, Term 3