Teaching Dad To Dance by Ausdance Victoria

Teaching Dad to Dance (TD2D) is a program where primary school students become teachers and leaders. The program provides students with critical, artistically engaging and collaborative opportunities in enjoyable, supportive environments. Through TD2D students and adults will bond, break a sweat, and feel empowered and excited about dance.

Teaching Dad to Dance takes place in classrooms and digital environments. It is designed to be delivered as either an 'On-Call' and/or 'Residency' engagement.
As an On-Call workshop, students will learn two short dances of their choice. They will then learn how to break down the dance routines and tools to teach others the dance. A pre-workshop Reflective Writing exercise will be conducted with the students, either by Ausdance Victoria at the start of the workshop, or with guidance from their teacher prior to the program.
With permission from the students' parent/legal guardian, the students will video record themselves teaching a parent, preferably Dad, how to dance. Videos will be submitted to Ausdance Victoria directly or through the school, and a Teaching Dad to Dance mash-up video will be created for the school. 

If Dads are not available other options can include: Mum, or an uncle, a big brother, a teacher, or the school's Principal). We encourage facial hair (fake or real).

Video mash up is optional. It will compliment the outcome of the program but is not essential.

Dance, Communication, Collaboration

On call & Residency

AVAILABLE: Throughout 2018

IDEAL FOR: Years 4- 7

DURATION: 2 x 90 minute sessions or 1 x 180 minute session


Daily rate (180 minutes) $1060 + GST, Less Eligible Subsidy

Weekly rate $3090 + GST, Less Eligible Subsidy

Optional video mash up editing - additional $850 + GST per day

Maximum 30 students

VICTORIAN CURRICULUM LINKS: The Arts - Dance, The Arts - Media Arts, English, Health and Physical Education

Capabilties: Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social, Intercultural, Ethical

In a collaborative workshop students become the choreographers and teach their 'grown ups' to shimmy and shake, and feel excited about dance.

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Metro: 29th Jan 2018 to 21st Dec 2018
Regional: 29th Jan 2018 to 21st Dec 2018

Ausdance Victoria
Duration: 180 minutes (can be broken up into 2 x 90 minute) - Full week
Artform: Dance
Minimum fee: Daily rate (180 minutes) $1060 + GST, Less Eligible Subsidy
Suitability: Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, Year 7
Terms: Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, Term 4
Maximum Student Attendance: 30
Booking info: Minimum 11M x 11M workshop space required. Requires access to power, data projector and screen, internet, darkened room, whiteboard, sink, PA system and lighting.