Story Circus by The Women's Circus

The workshop supports physical and intellectual engagement with behavioural and social development as focal points. Story Circus is deeply and integrally focused upon collaboration, physical theatre challenges/learning and story and character creation. The workshop is all about problem solving on a range of different levels.
The children learn basic circus techniques which can include the following circus skill sets such as juggling, hula hooping and acro-balance.

The class is then invited to create short theatrical stories using physical performance. They are introduced to concepts and techniques including creating character, story structure and improvisation.
Children are encouraged to present short theatrical stories in small groups at the workshop's conclusion.
This program is inclusive, and works very well with CALD children/communities as the emphasis is on story creation through the physical and collaborative participation. Sroty Circus is physical, fun and provokes imaginations. The work in story creation links into English and Drama and is open to possibilities the creation cross-cultural story-telling styles. Children have creative agency, and learn to observe their own strength and courage, and that of their peers.

Circus/Physical Theatre, Collaboration, Perseverence

On Call & Residency

AVAILABLE: On Call Throughout 2018

IDEAL FOR: Foundation - Year 10

DURATION 1 x 90 mins workshop - Full Day (3 x 90 mins workshops)


1 x 90 min workshops $530 + GST LESS Eligible Subsidy 

2 x 90 min workshops $470 + GST per workshop LESS Eligible Subsidy 

3 x 90 min workshop $350 + GST per workshop LESS Eligible Subsidy 

Max Students: 26 per session

Victorian Curriculum Links: The Arts- Drama, English, Health and Physial Eduaction

Capabilities: Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social

Students are guided in the art of story creation through circus and physical performance. As they juggle, hula hoop and balance, they will be playing with character and story development.

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Metro: 29th Jan 2018 to 21st Dec 2018
Regional: 29th Jan 2018 to 21st Dec 2018

The Women's Circus
Duration: 1-3 x 90 minute workshops per day for 1-5 days
Artforms: Circus / Physical Theatre, Drama
Minimum fee: $530 + GST LESS Eligible Subsidy
Suitability: prep, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12
Terms: Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, Term 4
Maximum Student Attendance: 26
Booking info: Needs a Dedicated workshop space minimum 20M x 20M. Access to power required.