Play for Australia: Make my Play - Vessel in partnership with Transvision

Have you ever wanted to Play for Australia? Now you can!

This is a flexible residency project developing skills for young people to write ultra-short plays (up to 600words or 4 minutes) leading to a public reading.

Play For Australia develops the capacity of individuals for self-expression empowering a diversity of voices across Australia. The focus of the project is on vision and voice for those who do not always have a voice. Play For Australia assumes no prior knowledge about theatre or writing.

Participants are engaged in a series of practical workshop activities leading to writing OR devising* a very short play. (* devising techniques would be used if literacy skills are lower or where cultural storytelling traditions are usually oral)

Look at a combination of schools and community residencies in a single region or a cluster of schools. At the completion of the residency, a public reading of the plays will take place & school and local community will be invited to attend, extending the reach and legacy of the project.

Teacher PD: The Play For Australia residency can include an additional component in direct teacher professional development. The project then has legacy within the school/community and it is intended to develop skills for teachers, community leaders, & local artists to continue the project in future years.

The residency is flexible, responsive and negotiable.      




Terms 2 & 3 2016


Years 6 -12 max students 25


2 days – 1 week


$2750 +GST week + $250 materials 

Or $935 +GST 2 day workshop LESS Eligible Subsidy

AusVELS Links: The Arts, English, The Humanities

Artforms: Drama, Literature

General Capabilities: Personal and Social Capability, Critical and Creative thinking, Intercultural Understanding, Ethical Understanding

Key Themes: Voice, Diversity, National Identity

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Play for Australia: Make My Play develops participants’ skills to write and create ultra-short plays (up to 600 words or 4 minutes) leading to a public reading. They will develop their self-expression and empowerment through a dynamic and practical workshop process through themes of acceptance, diversity and community.

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Metro: 11th Apr 2016 to 16th Sep 2016
Regional: 11th Apr 2016 to 16th Sep 2016

Vessel in partnership with Transvision
Duration: 2 days – 1 week
Artforms: Literature, Drama
Minimum fee: $2750 +GST week + $250 materials Or $935 +GST 2 day workshop LESS Eligible Subsidy
Suitability: Year 6, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12
Terms: Term 2, Term 3
Maximum Student Attendance: 25