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Jungle Shimmy is a unique music and dance adventure through India, Iran, Turkey & Egypt.  Children are introduced to instruments from around the world, age-old rhythms and traditional dances through familiar Nursery Rhymes, fun props, puppet friends, ancient fairy tales and magic.

Jungle Shimmy offers a cultural experience for young learners. They discover unusual instruments like Tef, Darbouka, Ghungroo & Zill and sing familiar Nursery Rhymes  in Arabic,  Hindi, Turkish, Greek & English.  Clap and play rhythms like Masmoodi, Ayoub, Karatchi & Ciftitelli & learn traditional dances from Asia & the Middle East.

There is also a Fit For Life emphasis using dance to allow children to experience &  appreciate their own body & understand how to stay fit for life.  Authentic Bellydance movements like belly pops, hip drops & spinal rolls open up an exciting new vocabulary of movement that in turn encourages balance, co ordination, spatial awareness, creative expression & self confidence.

Each Jungle Shimmy session is woven together by age-old folk tales, interesting facts, games, magic, puppetry & learning fun.



Throughout 2016


Early Years – Primary - Max 60 students


60 mins


$385 + GST LESS Eligible Subsidy

$88 + GST for kinder groups


Early Years: Being, Belonging, Becoming (identity) (community) (wellbeing) (learning) (communication)

AusVELS Links: The Arts, English, Languages, Health and Physical Education

Artforms: Dance, Music, Visual Arts

General Capabilities: Intercultural Understanding, Personal and Social Capability, Ethical Understanding

Key Themes: Culture, Celebration, Fit for Life

Jungle Shimmy is a unique music and dance adventure through India, Iran, Turkey and Egypt. Children are introduced to musical instruments and traditional dances from around the world through familiar nursery rhymes, puppets, ancient fairytales and magic.

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Metro: 11th Jan 2016 to 23rd Dec 2016
Regional: 11th Jan 2016 to 23rd Dec 2016

Magic Oasis
Duration: 60 minute sessions
Artforms: Dance, Music, Visual Arts
Minimum fee: $385 + GST LESS Eligible Subsidy
Suitability: prep, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4
Terms: Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, Term 4