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2014 Australian National Piano Awards

8th Sep 2014 to 13th Sep 2014

Australian National Piano Award Who will be this year’s rising star of the...


2014 Stratford on Avon Shakespeare Festival

23rd Apr 2014

2014 is a celebration of the works of Shakespeare in a unique way that...


A Sunburnt History - The First Fleet

Metro: 3rd Mar 2014 to 14th Mar 2014
Regional: 3rd Mar 2014 to 14th Mar 2014

The First Fleet: one mishap after another, or the journey that shaped our...

A Taste of Africa

Metro: 17th Mar 2014 to 28th Mar 2014
Regional: 17th Mar 2014 to 28th Mar 2014

Asanti embodies the playfulness, energy and skill of African dance and...

Art is...Layers of Time

30th May 2014 to 9th Jun 2014

It's all going on in Horsham this week, come along and be inspired....


Beautiful Noises with Voices

Metro: 31st Jan 2014 to 18th Jul 2014
Regional: 31st Jan 2014 to 18th Jul 2014

A workshop that takes participants on a journey through vocal exploration....

Bush Toys - On Call

Fibre sculpture through engagement with the Indigenous creation story...


1st May 2014

12 Australian Jewellers/Artisans/Goldsmiths have been invited to make a...

San Remo

Controlled Falling Project

9th Apr 2014 to 7th Jun 2014

Enter the laboratory of acrobatics impossibilities where impulsive energy...

Williamstown, Mansfield, Wodonga, Benalla, Castlemaine, Ballarat, Devonport, Tallarook, Esperance, Mandurah, Geraldton, Carnarvon, South Hedland, Broome, Alice Springs, Cairns, Townsville, Cleveland, Fortitude Valley

Cut and Paste Characters

How do writers make up their characters? How do they decide if they are...

Cut Snake

Metro: 4th Aug 2014 to 15th Aug 2014
Regional: 4th Aug 2014 to 15th Aug 2014

Promising high adventure, sock-puppets, slapstick and cameos from Jesus and...

Drama Improvisation Workshops On Call 2014

These Workshops encourage creative play, active participation and lots of...

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