RAV - Illuminated by Fire - Kyneton http://www.rav.net.au/storyboard/blog/kyneton Kathryn Portelli worked with the community to design and create personalised ashes vessels which were exhibited together with seven illuminated sculptures. This project brought together a collection of remarkable sculptures in Australia’s first ever exhibition dedicated to vessels made especially to contain the cremated ashes of people and places. This is a body of work that provokes thought about what it means to represent a life artistically, encompassing eight individually personal objects rich in storytelling detail. The project launched Sunday November 7 at 2.00pm at TJ Scotts, 5 Piper St Kyneton. At Fed Square, the ashes vessels were displayed in the BMW Edge, around the walkway facing out towards the Yarra. See the program here: Kyneton program   en-au 60 Art4ashes in BMW Edge at Fed Square!

Set in the stunning BMW Edge theatre, 16 remarkable vessels made up the art4ashes collection of mosaic sculptures.

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Images from Kyneton 2

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the "what if?" words

Kathryn's speech explaining the relevance of individual sculptures to each of the participants in the art4ashes program.

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Images from Kyneton 1

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art4ashes exhibition

15 ashes vessels, a candle lighting Memory Ceremony and an uplifting song finale.

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Art4Ashes song written

Talented composer, Scott Cameron will perform the song that he has written during the presentation at the exhibition next Sunday.

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Vincent's comment

An interesting observation by one who spent time with the topic.

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Exhibition poster

November 7th, Kyneton - pensive, thoughtful and sensitive sculptures at the art4ashes exhibition.

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Sculptures take shape

Participants have decided the forms their ashes vessels will take after a few weeks pondering the possibilities.

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Black Saturday Memorial

11 metre mural featuring 280 tiles dedicated to the fire affected residents of Central Victoria and the supportive community that 'got behind' them.

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First images of the final work!

The final work is progressing in Kyneton - check out some of these images!

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Progress in Kyneton

Workshops are moving along in Kyneton!

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Previous work by Kathryn Portelli

Check out some images of previous work by Kathryn Portelli.

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